Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Dreaded Doctor's Office: Why is it so hated?

Yes indeed, this is a squirrel eating one of our now rotten pumpkins on our porch. BAD SQUIRREL!! GO EAT SOME ACORNS!! YESSIREE WE HAVE PLENTY OF THOSE!!

Moreover, yesterday I was hit with a double-whammy: an orthodontist appointment in the morning and a check-up after school.

So after a day full of learning I was deposited at the doctor's office. Mom and I killed time in the waiting room by making fun of the latest Seventeen: "OMG his ex pulled down her pants to make him like her again? What is with American teenagers these days??" Then it was time for zee appointment.

My doctor is (thank Gawd) a woman and she is super-duper nice. She makes everything seem less awkward than it really is (which is MEGA awkward-sea turtle). After she did the standard ear check (and I thanked Johnson and Johnson: A Family Company for mass-producing Q Tips so I could clean my ears that morning), it was time for... er... well, you know.

She had to check everywhere. And I mean everywhere. At least this time wasn't as humiliating and pride-decapitating as last time. This time she didn't have to check everywhere. Which is really contradicting itself. Let's all use italics.

So while I was laughing my head off because I am so so tickle-ish, I was wondering: what is up with the stereotype (fear, humiliation) that goes along with a visit to the doctor's? Is that because it's true? Are the magazines in the waiting room really that obnoxious?

So I pondered, and pondered, and pondered. Maybe it's because most sane people (like me) are embarrassed to strip in front of people they see once or twice a year. Or maybe it's because shots, especially the finger prick, are scary.

But maybe, for kids, it's scary because they have to talk about the changes in their bodies. This year, Frankie wanted a male doctor because last year the doctor had to poke and prod his... well then.

Not to blame everything on reality TV, but I think that the media has portrayed check-ups that way. Anyone remember the SpongeBob episode where SpongeBob was scared to go to the doctor's office? Didn't Patrick tell him something about the magazines in the waiting room? But SpongeBob went, and the doctor healed his illness in a musical sequence, and he gave SpongeBob and a big lollipop! SpongeBob has all the luck.

But simply, going to the doctor's is to make sure you're on the right track. I always skip out of the doctor's office feeling blessed that I'm 100% healthy.

What do you guys think? Is the doctor's office to fear or not to fear?
p.s. i am overflowing with post ideas these days, so be braced for a posting hurricane.


  1. I love this post!!!!! Personally, I fear the doctor's office because of shots!!!!! I HATE shots.... but besides that, I don't think it is to fear because they are just making sure you are healthy!! Great post!!! Love you!!


  2. I personally thinks it's the anticipation of the shots that makes me nervous. Your very true!
    p.s.-Just broke a bracket again :/

  3. Jen, by the way I love the pictures of the squirrel eating the pumpkin!! That is so funny!


  4. I've never been afraid of Doctor's appointments personally, in fact I've salvaged them: well only if their during school. It's really never scared me neither has the dentist- oh yeah and women dentists almost always hate me or look as if they do. THAT SQUIRREL IS SO COOL- just shows you shouldn't stick with the rules- I should probably take a leaf out of his book.


  5. This was so hilarious. I cracked up the entire time I read this. Nice pics too! :) And as for the post hurricane, BRING IT ON!

  6. hahaha the second picture of the squirrel is hilarious!
    And I don't really like going to the doctor's but it's okay. And I guess it is good to know I'm healthy when it's over(:

  7. Hahaha these squirrel pictures make me crack up! I love squirrels, though. They are so adorable with their fluffy little tales and twitchy noses... :)

    For me I really hate going to the doctor. Dentist, I'm okay with because I mean you get your teeth cleaned and get cheesecake flavored toothpaste! What do you get at the doctors? Cold hnads touching you and a gag when they put a popcicle stick down your throat? Haha.

  8. Thanks for your comments on my blog! I love your blog, Miss. You are amazing.

  9. hahah gotta love that squirrel! great post :)
    c xx

  10. I of course love the squirrel it is adorable. And yes i am not a huge fan of the doctors. Because i hate the questions they ask and yeah not my favorite place. But i like the dentist they only brush your teeth for you and just look here there and around that corner in your mouth. I just dont like when they talk to you when your mouth is wide open. Cause like seriously i can not talk with your hand in my mouth! it with come out as guoc(good)


  11. Hi,

    this is such a cute picture, but I would be a little nervous about that...

    I have a Tag/Award for you on my blog, and it is a tradition that my friends and I participate in occasionally and I hope you will come over and play....


  12. Glad you all love the squirrl!! I can't spell that!! Why don't we have spell check in comments? Anyway so in conclusion I guess we all hate going to the doctor's!!


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