Saturday, January 30, 2010


At my tennis club, if you're a "junior" who takes a clinic you can have free court time. Today three of my friends and I got a court, but we could only play for an hour. My dad called the front desk because he wanted to get a court for the same time we were playing so he could play with my brother F. The lady at the desk said, "There's no more available courts, but I can bump (FYI- kick us off the court) the juniors if you like!" because he would have to pay for the court. My dad said no thanks because he figured the juniors were my friends and I.

When we played today we were completely paranoid that somebody would come to "bump" us off the court. Once somebody came over, I freaked and lost the point, but he only came to collect the recycling bin.

If we had to pay for that court we wouldn't have to be afraid of ever getting bumped. There was even another open court right next to us, but we still could have gotten kicked off. Just by paying you get so many more rights. But it makes sense: give more privileges to the people who pay. If I had a business that's what I would do.

Unrelated note: My friend A. moved her blog to Blogger. Check it out on the sidebar.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Variety is the Spice o' Life

I have a remarkably self-destructive talent of being able to obligate myself when I hate to be obligated.
The semester has barely started and my schedule is already jam-packed with homework, a new class, extra stuff, and basketball. For this semester I have to take science, and I am no good at science, which just makes things more hectic...

It's remarkable to me that life can be so sweet and simple and then get complicated and busy again. There's no consistency!! But life is hardly ever consistent, is it? So I shouldn't be expecting it to be.

Consistency does not go with variety and variety is the spice of life. Who ever likes plain food? I sure don't. Without variety, life is like plain wheat cereal. With variety, life could be Froot Loops.

Okay, minus the cereal analogies, you need variety or else life stinks. Like that HBO movie, that one that won a Golden Globe the other week, Grey Gardens, about wasted life. But does variety have to come in the form of overly scheduled schedules? To some perspectives, maybe it can. But if it's always a jam-packed schedule, than is it variety? Or what if your schedule is jam-packed with different things? Like a new project every week. But if you have a new project every week then it's consistent!! AHHHHHHH there are no straight answers in the world, are there?
I highly suggest you see this movie. The acting is amazing. But it is depressing. You'll definitely want to clean your house afterwards.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jane Austen Captivation

I am seriously girl-crushing or whatever it's called on this amazing woman.

My gosh, the stuff she wrote!! So amazing. (Sorry, I don't seem to be capable of using full sentences today, unlike Jane Austen, whose sentences are novels themselves.)

Right now I'm reading Emma, Jane Austen's "most flawless work" according to the back of the new paperback version.

Yes, I'll admit, I'm going through a phase. To fuel my new found passion, PBS is premiering it's six hour Masterpiece movie of Emma. They play two hours of it every Sunday, and my mother and I are obsessed. I've deleted some of my brother's DVR to save it.

But it's not just me going through a Jane Austen phase: the whole world is. (I'm determined now to use those two dot things the right way because Jane must use them 10 times on every page.) Today at the Yale British Art Museum a Jane Austen expert held a lecture on Emma. I also remember this December when some other museum was having an Austen film night in her honor because it was her two-hundred something birthday. But whenever these things are held, for some stupid reason, I am always unable to attend.

Ok, no people my age that I know of are as obsessed. But a couple weeks ago my Latin teacher and I had a scream/jump/OMG deodorant moment over Jane Austen and how much we ah-doooored Sense and Sensibility. The other kids stared at us like we were mad.

But I feel that Emma Woodhouse and I have a special connection on some deep, mysterious level. Emma is a matchmaker, and I, in Yente form, am I matchmaker. In sixth grade I matched up my two friends but that turned out horribly and I really rather not talk about that. But sixth grade hardly counts in the grand scheme of things, so technicly I can still pretend Emma and I have some sort of connection. But perhaps I really am going mad.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Would You Believe It?? (Because I wouldn't)

Ta-Da!!! My very first publication. (Right, yeah, sorry this post is about me... whoops)

Sorry I haven't written much in a while... I've been suffering from the notorious writer's block, you know?
And I've been obsessing over my trip to Italy this March. Which. Will. Be. Awesome.
Ahnnnnnd, it will also be my very first trip out of North America. I've been 15 miles from South America, on Aruba because I won a free trip for my family and I there from Better Bedding a couple years back. (A whole other story completely) One of my life goals is to visit all the seven continents. (Yes, you winter-loathers out there, that includes Antarctica.) And this will help me achieve that, no?
Sorry if I start saying "no?" at the end of everything. I hear that's what Italians do. And I should probably know, because I am Italian.
Random wish that maybe will make the world a better place...?: I hope sometime in every person's life that they will visit their "home land" or whatever.
Now that I sound like I'm running for Miss America, I shall leave you dangling... Farewell!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cell Phone Starvation

The perils of electronics. The wonders of electronics.

But is there a middle space? You know, the place where the not electronically adapt but familiar with the concept can live in harmony with complicated cell phones? Where things are useful enough but make sense?

And another thing I don't get is that how complicated the cell phone industry is. My phone broke. I had insurance. It didn't show up on the bill. New phone shipped to me. And they shipped the same phone I had before, one that isn't available to buy anymore, because they don't make it.
Went to the store. Had contacts from broken phone somehow magically transferred to new, lime green phone. Which is good, or else I would have lost all my numbers, and I have a lot of numbers.
But the days in which I didn't have a cell phone were remarkably different. I was on isolation island. Alone without any means of communication.

But I had more time to do things. Like actually look out the window when I'm in the car, driving down the most familiar street, which wasn't so familiar anymore.
Eventually I started using my brother's phone, which he never uses, to text my friends. But what would have happened if I had continued to stop using a cell phone?

Well, in some circles, the world would crash. My world would crash. There would be no more gossiping, no more catching up, no more... anything.

But I could also pretend to be an uber-cool artist who wears vintage clothes only and makes friends in the most unlikely places and only watches independent films.... well, then again, who only exists in independent films.

Like, come-ahn, who doesn't use a cell these days?

lol jk (haha)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Batman From a New Perspective

As all reporters know, perspective is the key to a story. Well, at least, it's the key of a story for me. You can hear a story from one person, and then hear the same story from another person, but yet, it is completely different than the first.

Variety is the spice of life, right? Perspective and variety are basically the same things.

So I'm on a mini-mission. The way to discover more about life is to see it from other people's perspectives.

It also helps that perspective is my favorite word.

So I decided to start with my brother. He was in the living room watching Batman, one of his favorite shows. I sat down to watch with him, for the first time in my life.

Batman looks like a normal animated series in dreary, dark red and violet colors; like something that is popular among the Saturday morning cartoons crowd. (Like my brother.) But tonight I have discovered that it is more than that.

Its multi-layered plot is deeply entwined with conspiracies and crime; not your average bank robbery. It was like watching an animated version of Lie to Me. The whole super hero-thing wasn't a big factor; it's the characters and the serious-ness of having to protect "the citizens". It's a duty. It's a life commitment.

Annnnnnd, I watched it with my little brother. It must have meant the world to him, because I used to always critique his shows because they were "too gory". But this show wasn't that bad.

No, I wouldn't watch Ben Ten or Naruto because those shows look absolutely mind-clogging with stupidity. But who knows; if I watched it with new eyes and from a new perspective, they might actually turn out good.

More Lunch Tables

I got a response from a friend of mine about the last post.
Just press the comment button-thing at the bottom of "Assigned Lunch Seats or Not?" post if you want to read it. (You should!)
She says that she worked hard to sit at the lunch table where she sits now, but she's happy there. So if you're like her and you're happy at your lunch table and don't want to sit anywhere else you shouldn't feel obliged to.
Three of my closest friends always sit at different tables. That's mostly why I try to sit with them one day and the other the next and so on. I wish we could all sit together, but two of them don't get along very well so that wouldn't turn out sunny. And also, I don't (and no one does or should) have control over where they sit. I wouldn't want it any other way.
If I were to sit at one of my friend's tables I would have to try to get there first or share a seat because that table always fills up very fast. Some days I would plan to sit there but turn around because there wouldn't be any seats left. (Well, I could have shared a seat, but sharing lunch seats is one of my pet-peeves. Yeah, I know I'm weird.)
But I like to sit where I sit now. I'm happy there. I just wish there was more freedom. For example: people wouldn't worry that if they don't sit in their usual spot they wouldn't be able to eat there ever again.
Just a thought.

On another somewhat relevant subject, I was published yesterday for the first time in a NEWSPAPER!! My grandparents (because it was their newspaper in Florida) have gotten a lot of responses and "I'm going to forward this to my granddaughters!" emails.
Ahhhh, it's nice being a published author.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Assigned Lunch Seats or Not? (That is the question)

At my school, it seems as if we have assigned lunch seats. But we don't. Ironic? I don't think so. (I just like to use that word and I think I'm always using it wrong...)

Every day, same people at the same tables. Nothing different.

I used to be the type of girl who would sit at a different table everyday. It would go in a cycle like this:
Day one: JM and other girlfriends
Day two: DB, MM and AG
Day three: AF and his friends.
Day four: Repeat cycle.

Lately I've been too lazy to do the whole cycle. I've just been sitting at Day two table.
I hate feeling obligated to do something. I seem to always feel obligated. (Even though I can't pronounce that word...) UGH, when you're a procrastinator like me, obligation is not a good word.

When I was running for vice president, I told people that I wanted to add more Mix it Up days. Mix it Up days is when everyone is forced (Okay, not forced... maybe) to sit at a different lunch table with different people. No one ever sits with a new crowd. (Except me. I like Mix it Up day.) People told me that I should take the whole Mix it Up days idea out of my speech... so I did... and I won.

I wonder what would happen if people seriously sat with other people at lunch. It would be a revolution. It would be great, I think.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Purple Dresses

There was a collection of photos on of purple dresses so I figured (given the name of my blog) that I should have a look. The second one was the first one shown and the first was the third. There was a thousand-something pictures but some of them weren't even purple and I didn't relatively like them. (A contributing factor towards my dislike- the models are rail thin.) I would so wear the first dress, but I would feel awkward in the second. Can you see why?
What do you think?

Eternal Bad Moods, Anyone???

As soon as the school day ended everything started going wrong.

  • My cell phone broke. The screen is not legible. Its fuzzy -hard to explain.
  • I logged on to Facebook and my on the "live feed" or "live stream" whatever it's called, tons of people said they were in a "relationship" with those cute little red hearts next to them. How ironic. I feel so out of it but there's really nothing I can do about it. :(
  • My voice recorder/note taker isn't working. It's not recording... it's my best friend that is an animate object, FYI.
  • I started singing a song I made up: "I logged on to Facebook and it said that everyone was in a relationship, how ironic".
  • It wasn't half-bad so I went to get my recorder so I could save it, but then I found out that it wasn't working after trying for a while.

Recently I've been in an eternal bad mood. I don't know why.

Everyone goes through times like that. It's impossible not to. But I think I'm upset and tired because:

  1. Mid-terms next week. Yay.
  2. The whole everyone-is-in-a-"relationship"-thing-or-has-a-crush-except-moi.
  3. Got into a fight with on of my best friends.
  4. I really need to study more for Latin and I don't want to.

But enough about me, tell me about you. Anyone have any things to be angry or upset about? Trust me, I want to hear about it. The whole reason I started this blog was to relate with other people out there- other middle school-ers or people who totally get what we're going through- and I really want to hear what you think. If you're out there. Well, you better be.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Toothless Little 1800's London Beggar Kid, That's Me

I. Have. No. Teeth.


I'm toothless, for Pete's sake (My goodness, WHO IS PETE??)

I had a dentist appointment today. I have shark teeth and I already had to get one side pulled. I had to get another one pulled today. (Too many "I" s in one paragraph)

So there I was, innocently reading a 1800's set book in London, in my house, after the appointment, playing with the tooth behind my new gap (The dentist told me to pull it out myself, although she offered to take it out there. I said no, because I didn't want a double gap.) and SNAP it's gone and hardly bloody and IN MY HAND, not where it's supposed to be, and FYI it should be IN MY MOUTH!!!!! GLUED TO MY GUM!!! IN MY MOUTH!!!

And now I have a double gap. For example, the left side of my mouth is toothless. TOOTH-LESS.

Can you tell I'm a wee-bit distressed? BECAUSE I AM. I look like a first grader. No, I tell a lie. I look like a kindergartner.

Too bad Christmas won't be around for what- another year?- because now I can't go around singing "all I want for Christmas is my two STUPID front teeth."

Excuse me, please, because I have to go practice talking without opening my mouth before school tomorrow. And just not opening my mouth.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

P.S. Haiti, You're in our Hearts :)

Wow. Such destruction.
It's kind of scary (for me, at least) to think that the earth can inflict so much, I don't know, misery on its inhabitants. Is it simply nature, and the earth doesn't really think about it?

Okay, I'm not going to consider the earth as something that thinks and talks.

But anyway, poor Haitians. This is absolutely horrible. So, so horrible.

On the optimistic side of things, many stories of heroism and hope came out of this. In fact, a man from Connecticut drove 8 hours across the island to save his wife who was trapped under mounds of rumble with a fellow missionary after receiving a distressed cell phone call from her that was cut suddenly by the lost of power. Is that amazing or what? He saved both of them.

Thank goodness for the Today show, or I wouldn't have even known about this guy!

And P.S. Haiti, up here in chilly Connecticut, you're in our hearts and thoughts. :)

Insanity Alert

Wednesday. Today. Significance...?

Basketball game. New record for me: I made 8 or 9 goals (or hoops, baskets, whatever do you call them??) in one game. Yeah, I know. Novice to "star" in a week or so. (Yep, call me modest!)

It's magic, I tell you. MAGIC.

Again, I say, everyone has a hidden talent. And it will speak to you at the right time.

It was the beginning of the game. I wasn't really "on", or whatever athletes call it, and I hear the other team's coach yell, "Watch out for the big girl in the middle!" AKA that's me. Just because I'm tall. He didn't have to say big, for Pete's sake (side note: Who is Pete??) he could have said TALL. But he didn't. And I got mad.

I had the ball. I was on the fowl line. Or the top of the key...? (Jos, basketball super star, help me here.) Anyway, our basket was in front of me. I muttered to myself, "Big girl? I'm not a big girl." And just like that, I shot, and miraculously, the ball glided into the hoop.

As I was running to defend the other side I muttered some things I shouldn't have. But hey, he was the one who called me a "big girl", right?

New vow: No more basketball posts.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Call Me Crazy...

... But I am determined to do the impossible. The absolutely un-reachable, un-touchable impossible.

I feel so bad for runway models. Despite having beautiful faces... they're too thin. To get that type of body you probably can't eat much.

I'm a total foodie. Food fascinates me. The way it can change your mood into something so elated and jubilant, it's amazing! It stings my heart that some people will choose to miss out on the oh so yummy food. Food to me (and to most of the human race, I believe) is one of the biggest pleasures on earth. One of the reasons to be alive!!

So, if I was a fashion designer when I grew up (hint hint JRC) I would hire girls who like to eat to be on my runway. (Or catwalk, whatever it's called.) Food is amazing! Food is something that everyone should EAT!!

I am determined to change these "fashion standards". But to do that, I am going to have to enter the fashion world... somehow...

Which brings me to a totally different point entirely, but I have some studying to do so I'm not going to write about it right now. But don't worry, I will soon.

Study time!!! (sarcasm)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Floral Dress That I Need!!!

Just because I feel like I haven't been bringing the "style" factor to this blog, I thought I would post this. I went on to and this was one of the articles.

I will tell you truthfully, I am NUTS for this dress.

I NEED THIS DRESS. It's my life line, my one and only love, and I need it. End of discussion.

I will not look at the price though, if I happen to stumble across it, because I know that, it being "designer" (who has ever heard of Collette Dinnigan? Not me.) and all that jazz, it's probably like two thousand bucks or something. I will not waste two thousand bucks on something that will be "out" in at least two month's time. Instead, I am saving my cash for my first trip to Italy this March. When I am there, I will spoil myself in something European... something like... olive oil.

Olive oil, dress. Olive oil, dress. Olive oil, dress.

I am going to have nightmares about this.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm in Love (with the game of basketball)

Whoa, another post about basketball. What is going on here?!?

Last night was a night that will, I repeat WILL go down in history. Or, at least, my history.

What: second basketball of the season.
Where: new athletic center at school.
When: Last night. (I said that, silly me.)
Who: My required, school girls B (like junior varsity) team.
Why: Um, I don't know, it was in our sports schedule.

Or maybe the question "why?" could be, "Why will last night go down in history?" Well, you just had to be there. It was magical.

Okay, I'm not going to not tell you what happened, because that would be mean, now that you're in the edge of your seat begging for more. I'M NOT A BULLY!

No, I didn't get sign a record deal, get a part in a Hollywood movie, or get hired to be a model for Jason Wu. No, that wouldn't happen. Get your head out of "reality" TV.

I. Kicked. Butt. In. Basketball.

It's true to say that everybody has a secret talent, or at least secret to them. Wasn't it just a couple posts ago where I was complaining about how bad I was at basketball? I was wrong.

Sometimes it takes somebody else to tell you that you're really good at something before you know that you're good at it. Or maybe something just clicks, like some great revelation, and you're in love with what you're doing. That happened to me.

I was angry. This team was beating us. I don't know what happened. But suddenly, just suddenly, near the beginning of the game, something simply clicked inside of me, and I was soaring down the court, defending like a lightning bolt, jumping like popping popcorn- it was amazing. And my coaches and teammates noticed I was doing great, too.

Our whole team was on! We were playing better than we ever had before.

We lost, but I left feeling exhilarated. I have never felt that way about basketball before.

So, Jos, you were right about this sport, and I was wrong. No wonder you like it so much! It's amazing!

I think I like it because of the adrenaline rush. And I don't know why.

But this just proves to show that, everyone, I mean everyone, must have some sort of secret talent. If I can play basketball, and finish playing with the most amazing feeling in the world, than that must be true.

But today, after screaming my lungs out with happiness last night, I am home sick with a sore and very hoarse throat. I stayed in bed for hours reading old Margaret Peterson Haddix books and the February issue of Teen Vogue. (please note: My friend JRC and I can go on for hours talking about anything fashion related. Read her blog!!! It's amazing!! I'm serious; it's ah-mazing!!)

On a side note, remember how I wrote that I'm going to be published in a newspaper? Well, the next issue of the paper is coming out next week with my article in it! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boys vs Girls Basketball Wise

School has started again (CRUD) and I'm studying for my mid-terms. Ok, studying would be a lie. I am... thinking about my mid-terms.

This got me thinking: Today at basketball practice, one of my coaches was lecturing us on how unwise it was to try for a three-pointer shot, after one of my friends tried and missed. She said, "Most boys can't do it," like a boy would be better at basketball than a girl. But in our ripe, prepubescent age, I don't think there would be a difference.

She is a somewhat old woman, so maybe back then they said things like that. But now, really, in 2010? I don't think so.

Things like that remind me that the world isn't a totally equal place. Is that our fault? Or is that just nature?

That's seen in middle school. The "quiet" people are nerds, and if you hung out if them... oh, right, now you're a total loser. But that's not true.

My grandmothers tell me that at their high school reunions, it's the "nerds" who are the most successful and good looking.

Just something to think about.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Little Acts of Kindness Can Make The World Go Round

Here in Connecticut, Mother Nature has decided to throw little snow storms at us everyday. These snow flurries can be particularly tough on the elderly, you know.

My brother, dad and I were rosy-cheeked warm in our car yesterday while my mother ran inside Stop and Shop to pick up some things. It was incredibly windy to an extent that the snow looked like mini tornadoes. Next to our car, I saw an eighty-something year old woman who's neck was bound tightly in a thin, multi-colored scarf and wore black winter coat, attempting to pack her car. Her knuckles seemed to be frozen on to her cart's handles. Her face looked like an ice sculpture.

She had a good amount of full, plastic bags in her cart. I knew the weight was going to be too much for her. I noticed my dad was watching her too, so I said "Do you think she could use some help?" or something like that. My dad, not wearing his winter coat, got out of the car and offered to push her cart back to the curb. She looked up and nodded frantically, immensely relieved. I couldn't help but to beam.

When my mom came out of the store my dad got of the car (again, without his coat. Um, isn't it winter?) and took her bags and put them in the car.

Sometimes in life, it's just the little acts of kindness that really make the world a better place. I know it sounds like I'm copying this straight from a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, but it's true. It's like a chain reaction: Be nice to one and they'll be nice to another, and another, and another, and suddenly everyone has had a good day. It's simple. Just think of all the people who are sick in the hospital and don't have a chance to go out and live. The only way to be thankful is to be nice.

Ok, I'm not on a Saint Jude's Children's Hospital commercial. (Come on! Why did they put Jennifer Aniston on their commercials?!?!? She doesn't have any kids!! How is she a role model?!) But seriously, it's all about the way you look at things. Be a the-glass-is-half-full type of person!! Wear Life is Good shirts!!!

Now then pupils, go out and make the world a better place. It's a new decade; perfect timing!

Happy 2010!!

New Years!!!!!!! 2010 already??

The New Year is supposed to be extravagant and exciting. It usually is. But not when you're a couch potato like I am.

These are the glamorous things I did the first 3 days of the new decade.

  • Sleep
  • Play tennis
  • Sleep
  • Listen to Susan Boyle's new album
  • Sleep
  • Play My Sims Agents for Wii (the first video game I completed in my life)
  • Sleep
  • Listen to my ipod
  • Read Steven Saylor's Roma
  • Sleep
It feels as if everyone (including me) makes fabulous resolutions for the New Year. Why wouldn't you? It's like a get-out-of-jail-free card. The chance to start over fresh.
Though personally, I loved 2009. It was a great year for me. I traveled with my family and friends, made a ton of new friends that I love, and I don't know, I turned my thoughts into actions. I'm proud of myself.
That's why I love New Year's. Everything feels full of prosperity. Hope. And glamour!!
But maybe lying around in your pajamas playing Wii isn't so glamorous. But hey, I'm on winter vacation. If I want to sleep until 10:00 am nobody is going to stop me from doing so.