Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drew Barrymore, you have lied to me about make-up. Again.

Before, in my eyes, make-up was just something to enhance what you had. But now, with this blue glitter eyeliner and bubblegum pink gloss which inspired me from the Teen Vogue feature about Topshop's new make-up line, it was the key to the A-list life everyone says they don't want but secretly pray for in between the pages of a magazine.

And in that magazine was a picture of Drew Barrymore sporting a smoky eye and drool-covered orange lips. A frightful combination, yes, but to me, it embodied fantasy in a realist world.
Which is exactly what an advertisement does. Lure common-minded young girls like me into crappy purchases.

I had the power, standing there at Walmart with my mom willing to get me a gloss or too. And I had my eye on a berry-colored lip stain. My mother thought it was a normal gloss, not a lip stain, so she bought it for me.

And besides, Drew Barrymore said lip stains were amazing, so what could go wrong?

As soon as I got home I dashed into my bedroom with the plastic bag suffocating between my white knuckles, anxious to try on The Lip Stain. I ripped off the plastic, took off the lid, and realized that The Lip Stain was really only a pink Magic Marker. But I colored it on, anyway.

It. Was. Bad. My lips looked like an orange, completely wrong with my face. Like an alien. And it wouldn't come off!!
I rubbed and rubbed it, washed my face multiple times, layered on Vaseline and scratched it off over and over again, but volia, it was The Lip Stain, key word: stain, and it was not coming off.

I spent the rest of the day with orange monkey lips.
So Drew of the CoverGirl label, I am on to you. I am not experimenting with make-up again for a long, long time, or believing what advertisements say... but I am an American consumer, so it will be hard.

Trust me on this, don't get The Lip Stain!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Semi-Formal, finally

Here we are, a week and 2 days after the glorious school event. My bad.

The semi was talked about with words like, "fashionable", "boys", "slow-dance", "cameras", "dresses", and "make-up". But the only words that actually made it there were dresses and make-up. And I was the only one with a camera.

I mean, it was just another dance. It was the catwalk for the girls. Every girl, including me, loves to get dressed up when the occasion (or excuse) calls. So that's exactly what happened.

First, I'll tell you about my ensemble: a punk-ish party dress with frill my mom ran out to get before the dance after my hormone-infused meltdown about my original dress; a French braid I wore to keep my hair out of my face (the spring play was before it, and I,as a stage manager, got to wear an awesome headset!!) during the play; and clear crystal studs. That was it. And of course, because I was feeling spontaneous, mascara and blush.

I was the least-fanciest one there. Everyone else had really pretty dresses, gorgeous hair, painted nails, eye-shadow, the works. Thus I felt a wee bit out of place.

But I was OK with that, because for one, I would feel sort of awkward all dressed up at school. And, for two,I loved my dress, courtesy of my mom.

Jos's whole outfit was gorgeous, might I add. And Dani, Marg, and APG all looked great.

And the slow dance!! Key word: AWKWARD. There were the rare couples, the girl groups singing along to the song, and the random kid weaving through the crowd. That was it.

In general, it was just a school dance. But I had fun with my girlfriends. My girlfriends and I always have fun!!

On the horizon... Finals are coming up and I have to study, so I might not be here as often. Sorry, school is a priority.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Serious Problem... I.M. Lingo... sort of...

So today I was emailing my theatre teacher, Mr. A, because there was some confusion (ok, it was only confusion in my head...) about the fashion show JRC is running Friday. The time slot for the fashion show is being split between the fashion show and a theatre class's play. I asked Mr. A if us fashion show people could go last to have more time to do make-up and such, and I wrote "... hint hint...." but then I thought, "what if that makes zero sense and sounds rude?" I wanted to put "LOL" like I usually do for everything, I mean EVERYTHING, but can you put that in an email to a teacher? But Mr. A would get what I was saying but the point is...

...I can't stop talking in I.M. lingo!! What happened to proper English? Whenever I want to say something somewhat double-sided without being rude, because I don't want to be rude, I write LOL or JK, instead of something more sophisticated perhaps? Maybe you've noticed I've refrained from using I.M. lingo on this blog, and man, it is hard! Perhaps the problem is that people say too many rude or awkward things which calls for an immediate get-out-of-jail-free pass like typing JK.

But these things don't always happen online; they happen when I'm having a conversation. In my world I think this is just weird (that's why it's called instant messaging lingo... duh...) but I do say it! It's like how in the recent Clique novel Massie tries not to say "OMG" because high schoolers don't say it. (Wow... third Clique reference in this blog... hmmm)

Sorry this is short and blah. The semi-formal post is in the making.

FRIDAY EDIT: I deleted my photo blog. I do love taking pictures, but it would be nice to have them all it one place, like here. So whoops.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Yay!!! An Award!!

Thank you tons It's Simple Love!! It looks so pretty, too. Best part: on It's Simple Love's blog, she called me a writer!!! Yay!!

Ok, way too many yays being said here...

Anyway, I have to admit 5 random things about myself. This. Shall. Be. Easy.

  1. As probably stated elsewhere, I have this laughing disorder in which I cannot stop laughing. It has eased up in the last couple of months, but it's still pretty weird.
  2. On Friday I made my cousin write on my hand with a permanent marker. It's still here. I haven't washed it off.
  3. I cried when I climbed the Duomo in Florence. I was terrified.
  4. I believe that eye lash wishes come true.
  5. I am currently attempting to teach one of my best friends telekinesis. We practice in language class with a paper clip.

Ta da!! So now I must pass the award on, the best part! Even though I said the best part was up there, no matter...

Lottie!!!! She's always funny, loves Harry Potter, and her style is AH-MAZING!! Always an inspiration.

Vibe!!!! This girl has an encyclopedia of philosophical quotes and beautiful images up in her head. Her blog is food for thought!!

Mel!!! Meet the future queen of fashion land. Seriously. Four words: Super. Aspiring. Fashion Designer.

Since I have reached my exclamation point/yay maximum per post, this is where it ends.

P.S. Kudos to Massie Block and Lisi Harrison for teaching me the word "ah-mazing".

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The first ever semi-formal, coming soon

Yes, folks, you have read the purple title correctly: ANOTHER SCHOOL DANCE.

For the last 15 minutes I have been riding my bike in circles and making squeaking sounds with my Crocs perfecting my game plan for this notorious night. That night I'll be:

a) slipping through the gazes of chaperons X, Y and Z to run to the girl's room to kill time.
b) flipping my hair BECAUSE I CAN.
c) taking pictures for you people to show you whatever catastrophe happens.
d) if I have the guts (FYI, I won't, so don't get your hopes up), I'll grab one of my guy friends to slow-dance so I don't look stupid compared to the fearless boys-are-cake girls.
e) manning the soda table. Being the vice pres doesn't give me too many special privileges...
f) dancing in a Kumbaya circle. (for more information read this, one of my more popular posts, you can say.)
g) laughing at the two eighth grade boys who always jump on the lunch tables and dance like Shakira.
h) feasting on appetizers.
i) having fun and showing off my dress!! Yes I actually used my limited knowledge of style to pick out an awesome dress....

Now it is time to say something cheesy like You Can Count on Me Jen in the Purple Pants to Deliver the Best Gossip!! but instead I'll say that I'm disappointed in myself for having to say the alphabet out loud to figure out which letter came next in that list I made.

Also on the horizon... that night is also the night in which our creepy school play in which I am a stage manager premieres. I think I mentioned it in my Propaganda Perhaps post in which I pondered philosophical ideas.

Unfortunately, this type of dance is the one in which people get "dates" and "go with someone". Totally DUMB DUMB DUMB. The most esteemed and loathed (by me) highlight of these dances is the Slow Dance. It's when the kids double-up and make deep, gooey, Selena Gomez faces and stare into each other's eyes like they're the stars of their own teen flick. Imagine Bella and Edward at the last scene of Twilight middle school-ifyed and multiply that by 10. It makes me angry and nauseous yet I'm jealous because I have never slow danced except in second and third grade. Crud. But that's why, for justice's sake, I am going dateless. Because it's stupid, I don't like any of the boys that way, and I don't have the guts to ask anybody anyway. Last time I did... whoa that's an embarrassing topic so instead I will use those trusty links again and you can read about it yourself.

Still, I'm excited. There's no telling what will happen. I think I might just bring my video camera.