Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goodbye for now, Swedish Fish

My mom calls it a "rite of passage," but I just call it a "metal monster that attacks my mouth and earns me nicknames."

Yes, I'm getting BRACES.

It could be worse. And besides, half the teenagers in the world have them. Or at least in this country... well, no worries, right?

And my smile will be nice once it's done.

One year.
One year.
One year.

But let's get something straight here: I'm a Swedish Fish-aholic. And I've heard-it-through-the-grapevine that Swedes ARE NOT ALOUD to be eaten.
And I'm pretty sure that's a true rumor. *Sigh*
I have my sweet Swedes when I study (that's why I'm honor roll BOO-YA!), I sneak them into the movie theatres for my friends and I, I'm even married to them (Jos was the officiant).

How will I live without them??

p.s. How do you guys like the makeover? And the music?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Connecticut Rocks, Part 1: Pizza

You know what got me thinking? Kids at my camp (which ended today, unfortunately, more on that later when the writing waves get flowing) come from all over the world, and for most of them this was there first time in CT. (Actually, a couple thought we were in New York.) They think Connecticut is one of those good-for-nothing states, a puny wimp squeezed in between the famous Long Island Sound, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. BUT READ MY GEORGIA FONT: Connecticut is beautiful, historical, and just an-all out number 1 on the must-visit list

So please ditch Frommer's (but I do love Frommer's) and get the travel advice you wouldn't get anywhere else: from a real local girl.

1. Modern Apizza, New Haven (874 State Street)
New Haven is my favorite city in the world. It's so familiar, everyone is nice, it's a real Haven! (hee hee I'm so punny!!) Despite being extremely historical (good ole' Benny Arnold had a shop here, YALE UNIVERSITY, Nathan Hale, the Amistad), it also has wicked good pizza. Wooster Street is our Little Italy, and State Street, home to Modern Apizza, is right nearby.

Get the pizza big and plain. Add heaps of Parmesan. The place looks like nothing, but trust me, it's something. Bear in mind the lines here get crazy long. Always get a reservation. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights are beyond hectic, so come for lunch. But beware: Monday's are closed.

2. Wall Street Pizza, New Haven (90 Wall Street) [formerly known as Naples's Pizza]

The tables are genius here (I couldn't get a good picture online, so you'll have to go there yourself!). They're these giant, long, glossy hunks of rich, dark wood with a twist: nearly every inch is covered with carvings. Marks left mainly by Yale students over time, the carvings are names, initials, statements, proclamations of love or even doodles. What could be better to put a steaming slice of city pizza on? The pizza is so wonderful and luxuriously sloppy. It's served on plates lined with wax paper (as my memory recalls) which makes the experience so much more authentic and quintessentially New Haven. The subs are terrific too.

3. Mystic Pizza, Mystic (56 West Main Street)

Yes, just like the movie. A movie director was once in search of her next great masterpiece, and she came HERE, to Connecticut, to find it. And she did find it! (I think that's how it goes.)

I've been coming here ever since I was a little girl. Mystic is a beautiful shoreline town, quintessentially Connecticut, and you MUST come here if you visit. There's so much to see, which I'll talk about in later posts.

"A slice of heaven," is their famous motto, as it's always been. The atmosphere of the place is charming; waiters and waitresses bustle about in their red Mystic tee shirts, taking orders quickly from the demanding, happy crowd (this is a great family place; not so great for first dates). Relics people the walls: Mystic Pizza movie memorabilia, signed photographs from celebrities (yes, celebrities), and movie posters are the main contenders. The pizza is wonderful too. Though I must admit, once you're in Connecticut, or the North East for that matter, go to a food store and get the frozen kind. It's seriously good.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. If you want more travel posts (I've been to a lot of places on 'round these parts) shoot me an email or write a comment. I have more Connecticut Rocks posts in the woodworks.
That was embarrassing... I had a street style blog... I deleted it a day later...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Plain Jane

You know her, I know her, so well. She's the girl in the mirror, the one who constantly screams and yells at you, who demands to know why you're not pretty and why you're so you. Well, let's get something straight here: she's not real.

What evoked her to crawl out of her cave today? Believe it or not, one of Frankie's little friends. This kid has been all over the world. He was in the car today when my mom picked me up from writing camp (which is absolutely AWESOME, by the way). I was in a good mood because I arranged a stylish outfit for myself today: strappy black sandals, faded denim shorts, a light brown leather belt, a grey tank top tucked in, and my brother's old Boy Scout uniform button down shirt with all of the patches still on, with a long, dainty feminine necklace. The outfit was a HIT (yep, ha ha) at camp, even with all of the cool girls from Manhattan, and I was pretty proud of myself. But that wasn't enough to stop Plain Jane inviting herself home with me mere minutes later.

The windows were rolled down in the car. Frankie's friend is an insane world traveler, and he was telling us all about everywhere he's been: Europe, Australia, Africa... and I figured Plain Jane must have wiggled her way through the window.

I did have myself some fun, though.
"Have you been to Canada?" I asked him, having been there twice.
"No," He said. Plain Jane cheered for me in my head. "But I've been to Las Vegas." Crap. Janey spat at me.
"Have you been to Mexico?"
"No, I haven't really been anywhere tropical except Australia."

I can't please Plain Jane. I feel like her when I feel like the most uninteresting failure of a specimen. But the only person who makes Plain Jane come out, who turns me into one of her, is me.

You know that feeling, when you only feel like you're tip-toeing across the surface of the earth, never really making a footprint? Not in the ecological sense (because that would be superb), but in the historical sense. Sometimes you feel like you're untouchable from history's grasp, the only person who success escaped of, the grain of sand slipping through a child's hand. You aren't that person though. Plain Jane is. And she doesn't exist. She's just your shadow.

Like it or not, history will remember you. History won't remember Plain Jane. So lock Good ole Janey in the attic with her green eyes of envy and be the best person you can be.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've been on a computer-fast and I loved it.

June was a blur, but not a blur, really just a blur of all the stuff I wished I'd done but been to lazy to do. Marg, Dani and I made a list of stuff we wanted to do this summer (i.e. get haircut, then buy hats...) and nothing is checked off yet. Jos and I have been obsessed with Agatha Christie. And that's really just it.

There was some drama, which I'll get to later. But one of the reasons I took a long break was because I used to stress about comments and followers. The number of followers I had meant... well, everything. And that's STRESSFUL!!! It takes away from the content of the post itself. Then the line between good and crappy gets obscured by the steamy tempers and smoky competition.

And I just wanted a break.

So I've decided comments and followers don't matter really and I'm just going to post whatever I want (and what my mom says is ok).

You're probably wondering though... what have I been doing? TIME FOR ZEE ANSWERS:

  1. playing tennis.
  2. swimming
  3. reading about my new soul mate, Hercule Poirot
  4. dreaming about what it would be like to meet a guy who looked like Taylor Lautner and was my age
  5. realizing that Said Guy goes to my swim club
  6. trying to flirt with Said Guy without breaking into nervous laughter
  7. failing to flirt with Said Guy and retreating to Murder on the Orient Express
  8. dreaming about the "intensive" writing program I'm going to soon.
Yes, zee INTENSIVE WRITING PROGRAM!! When I applied last May, there was only one or two spots left, and magically, with my English teacher/adviser's recommendations and my essay, I was accepted. MOO HA HA HA!! Looks like it's time to enhance my evil abilities....

And my book I had said I'd write!! Well it's in the wood works. I have a new brain child. The old one is being sent to daycare for a while while I'm sending this new one straight to kindergarten. I'm a mean parent, aren't I?

Have a great summer, don't read the August issue of Teen Vogue if you don't want to think about school/if you hate Joe Jonas, beware the lip stain, listen to Guster, don't chew an ice pop, remember basic mathematics, and smell the chlorine.
Yours truly,