Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding My Lost Mojo

The reason why my posts aren't tumbling out of the factory like Justin Bieber tickets tumble out of the sales office is because I think I lost my mojo. Yeah. My mojo. Like MoJo JoJo. I think he stole it, because he was so jealous of my awesomeness.
Anyway, my mojo is gone. Like POOF one day it was there and then POOF the next day it was gone. I've tried so much to get it back, like writing down all these post ideas on my phone.
(note: the number one and number two idea is a long story. There's a new girl at our school who just moved here from Holland and in Art class she was trying to explain the European way of counting "how far ya gawt" to Marg and I. In short terms it was confusing.)

So much is happening right now in my life that is purrrrrrrrrrfect blog material, but I think I have to wait for this, er, "conflict" to resolve itself before I can write about it. I don't want to offend anybody (but I don't even think the person in which this conflict is invloved reads my blog, but you never know) and the story wouldn't make much sense without an ending and obbbvvvvviously the ending hasn't happened yet so I have to wait for this conflict to be resolved, and the story wouldn't make much sense without a begining, and I think the begining would possibly be offensive to some folks if I tell it with my biased voice. If you followed that paragraph, I applaud you.

That could be what's throwing me off balance, having all that perfect material and not being able to use it. As you guys know, all these posts are inspired by what happens to me, and since this conflict is taking up a lot of my thought process, nothing else in my life is really blogable.
  1. Trying to "learn" French for my trip this summer.
  2. Going to New York next weekend to meet my idol (points to whoever can guess who it is, except for Maddy, Marg and APG, who already know)
  3. Wish this Peteforsaken snow would melt.
Yeah, my life is boring. Surprise.

My mom, who is an amazing writer (who just finished her first novel!), advised me to just let it come back on it's own and not to push it. So if I post random shiz until next weekend, you know why.
Have you guys ever lost your mojo/gone through a blogger's/writer's block? If so, how did you push through it?
RANDOM QUESTION: Which city is your favorite and why?


  1. I HATE it when I have writers block. I just write how I feel :)

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  3. I am in a deep writers block now(As you know) so I could completely understand! I haven't pushed through it(As you know). My favorite city is New York City and LA! I LOVE this post!! Great post!

  4. I currently have writer's block now. It feels horrible. I can't think of anything to write about. Right now, I'm pretty much just posting extra pictures of my trips. Also, I don't really know what city I like the most. By the way, great post.

  5. oh i think im losing my mojo a bit Xd and nice list im sure u'll get it bck :3 and oh i think i will go to france this summer but im not sure :p

  6. i love New York. I would say its my favorite city except for the fact that i've been only been there, and boston, where i live. But good post, by the way. If this is you with writers block you must be a super amazing writer when your really enspired.

  7. :O You're coming to NYC? I LIVE IN NYC!!

  8. i know a kid in new york...good friend of mine. who's your idol? please don't say it's jesse mccartney...i know a girl who's OBSESSED with him. i no longer like the song beautiful soul.

  9. Powerpuff girls! They were my favorite. :)
    And I completely understand your writer's/blogger's block. I had it for a while... I think it was because I was feeling so many things that I thought would make good writing but I had no idea how to turn them into words. So I just tried writing about my inability to write (I know, it doesn't make sense), and it worked. I also read alot, which always inspires me to write more.

  10. NYC and Toronto, because I've never been anywhere else *sigh*

  11. I honestly think that your posts are all great and I do like that ya talk about the teen issues!!

  12. I love all of those ideas. The things you post about on this blog are amazingly relevent to well, life! And I think I always have writers block. I think Sydney would have to be my favourite city. Thouh mind you, I've only been to 3 cities.

  13. Oh, writer's/blogger's block, nice topic to talk about! I'm always stuck with ideas whether it's on my blog or through writing my novels. Usually I try and listen to music, because my novels sometimes play out as movies, so I try an envision what's going on. It sometimes works, but other times I just have to wait it out and just let it do its own thing.

    My favourite city, hmm... I'm not sure. I really like a couple of cities here in Ontario, but then there's places in Florida and Hawaii that are nice. I haven't been to many places yet.

    Good luck with learning French! I'm learning it right now, but I've been taking French classes for 8-10 years so I'm a bit used to some of the language.

    I hope you overcome your blogger's block!

  14. I love those ideas! They told me not to smile when I was getting my passport pic taken, but I couldn't help it so it came out looking like I was constipated. Gr.
    & I love Mojojojo. AND POWDERPUFF GIRLS<3

  15. I know what you mean thats exactly what happened to me. I love the powderpuff girls!

  16. I'm mojo-less right now. :( Haven't posted since Thursday *blushes*. It sucks. :P

    I LOVE Mojo-Jojo! The Powerpuff girls are awesome, Bubbles was always my favourite. :D

  17. Don't worry, you haven't really lost your mojo!
    What is your moms novel called? I really understand writers block, I am writing a book right now actually!
    The only way I found to push through writers block is just to step away from whatever you are writing, but blogging in this case, just do very brief posts. Then like in the middle of the night you wake up from a weird dream and stuff just flourishes! Thats how I got the idea for my book!

  18. I truly wish you the best of luck getting your missing mojo back. (although I still think your writing is as great as it has always been!)

    The topics you listed for your up and coming blog posts sounds super great, and I can't wait to read about all of your mysterious "conflicts"

    P.S. I would also like to say that I was absolutely obsessed with the powderpuff girls as a little girl. They just don't make good cartoons like that anymore...

  19. I loved the Powerpuff girls! :)
    And I can totally relate! I've lost my mojo as well...:( Don't you just HATE the feeling? I do. It bothers me to no end. I'm like at a creative roadstop right now. A flat tire. An engine malfunction. And whatever other car analogies you can think of...I'm at them. I just want my creativity back....:(

  20. My life is just one fat battle against writer's block, damn thing :/ I think the solution is mostly just to keep things chugging along as much as possible! Sounds like you have an exciting weeked in store anyway, I won't try to guess :)

  21. I know what you mean about loosing your mojo
    Its a current state to relate!


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