Saturday, March 5, 2011

To Wear a Bikini Or to Not Wear a Bikini

Sorry for the lack of posts... me is busy....
Basketball season has ended, and for the past week my team has been doing GE (general exercise for you new followers) with the GE kids and the wrestling boys, which has been fun (anything's better than running around the gym screaming, "Outlet! Outlet! Out-- HOLY MOLY I'M OPEN!!!").

On Tuesday we found out that we were going to go swimming with the boys in the school pool, so of course that sent all of us girls into a frenzy. "Can we wear bikinis????" "I don't have a one-piece!!" "Screw it, I'm gonna wear a bikini!!"

Ok, well, I don't have a one-piece. So that left me with only a bikini to wear.... in the school pool. So you're probably wondering, what's the big deal? Well, I just wouldn't be comfortable wearing only a bikini with the boys, and the teachers, indoors, when there's still some snow on the ground. Just... no. Ew. And my mom understood this,  so on Wednesday night we went on a seemingly simple trip to Kohl's to purchase a one piece. Yeah, it wasn't so simple.
It turned out to be a cross-county nightmare.

Instead of going into details of how hard it was to find a cute one-piece bathing suit at 7:30 pm in the end of winter, I'm going to fast-forward ahead to Thursday morning.

(that was me fast-forwarding)
 This is how busy the hallway is in between classes... and no I didn't take this picture in between somebody's legs, on the right is Tyty's boot and on the left is... who knows.

In the morning everybody was excited. "Jen, choose one," my friend Lee said, brandishing her cell phone. "Which one should I wear?" She showed me two pictures of her in different bikinis. I chose one, and my mind flashed back to my new "tankini" in my locker, and I felt like a prude. More like a 1940's synchronized swimmer.
This is the pool before anybody jumped in (note: my school wasted tons of moolah on this when they could have used it to refurbish the middle school building! POTATOES!)

Flash forward to going swimming, and it was fun! And I was so comfy in my TANKini! I wouldn't have been comfortable in a bikini, and I'm glad I made the right choice, even though the other girls (Marg, Jing, Tyty and I excluded) wore bikinis.
I just did NOT want to wear a bikini. I'm not against wearing bikinis in the summertime, with my friends, outside at the pool or beach, but wearing a bikini to gym, to school seemed inappropriate to me. "Bikini" is associated with summer and boys and attractiveness, and I did not want that when I was diving off the diving board with all of the teachers there.
What do you guys think about bikinis? Would you have been comfortable wearing a bikini?


  1. I totally agree with you! Bikinis are for the beach and the warmth and the ripped guys with cute eyes and overall hotness! But yea! I would also have worn a TANKini as you say. I like that word, can I steal it???? Im gonna take it! THANKS!!!!!!

  2. I personally wouldn't wear a bikini any time of the year. It makes me very uncomfortable to show too much skin. Great post Jen.

  3. Urgh, swimwear :( it's all so clingy! I prefer a bikini in my school we had to wear navy swimming costumes (I guess you call them one-pieces) so really not an issue for's stupid to make sports suddenly a fashion show imo.

  4. i feel the same way as you. Its so odd, because depending on the situation, your going to be the odd one out- either you feel awkwardly like a prude when everyone else is wearing bikinis, or you look like you want attention when feeling just over-exposed. So... yay, Gym, I guess.

  5. I would definitely not wear a bikini during a school event(Thats why I didn't). The girls only wore bikinis because they want to attempt to show off their bodies to the boys. Another great post, Jen!!

  6. You couldn't be more right about this issue! I just think it is inappropriate to be wearing a bikini for a school gym class swim... with boys. Maybe if it was an all girls class I would consider, but with boys? Heck to the no! And with bikinis leaving little to the imagination lately I can't imagine having all my classmates see me half naked...

  7. Personally I hate bikinis. I only wear the regular full piece, or a two piecer that covers the area as a full piece does.

  8. I absolutely agree with you! And that pool looks heavenly...

  9. Echh, I don't want to imagine myself wearing a bikini in front of my teachers. Ew. haha(:
    It's good you did what you were comfortable doing!

  10. I'm Indian, and if I wore a bikini it'd be synonymous with chopping my head off and walking around naked. Hee, I kid. Slightly.

    Bikinis just look so UNCOMFORTABLE! I rock a one-piece, not just because I have to, but I guess it's more comfy, like you said.

  11. I love your blog
    I just love referring middle school from such and eloquent and well spoken gal!
    and I agree about the bathing suit
    I've swam with girls in bikinis and let me just say, I've seen enough nip slips for a lifetime!

  12. I think its just a matter of comfort. If girls want to wear a bikini, then they will, and vice-versa. And if they want to show off their bodies, then good for them! I wish I could be that confident. But than again, its all a matter of perspective in the end, right?

  13. AHHHH!!! Spell check didn't catch this in time!! I meant to say "But then again..."

  14. Yea I would go with a tankini thats what i always wear. Not only do I not look good in a bikini but i would feel more self-conscious and with the teachers and the boys.....

  15. NO NO NO NO NO! NEVER WEAR A BIKINI!!! Aspecialy when you are not the fitest person ever. Not saying you're not, but for me. I also know not to wear a bikini in a school pool. At Cassidy's aquaintence's birth day party. Especialy when it's a GUY's party. WEIRD CITY! I don't even like tankini's they normally show to much in the back. So i wear a one peice with a T-shirt and shorts.


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