Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Post-Apocalypse New Life

Do you guys remember the girl who posted last? Jen, I think her name was. Remember her? Oh wait, she was me.

I was so self-assured in the last post. Like, no hurricane can take me down! I wasn't scared of nothin'.

The hurricane itself wasn't scary. The aftermath is the scary part. As in, the Internet is long gone, and it won't be back for a long time.

The beach is a wreck, the beach club is destroyed, and there are fallen trees everywhere. All of the public schools have cancelled classes until Tuesday, and i haven't had school at all this week. Most of Connecicut is out of power. I'm writing this from my cell phone. Everything is closed. It feels so weird.

But luckily, after 48 hours of no power, my house got power again! We were a part of 2% of my town to get power. And if it took a whole day to get 2%, how long is it gonna take to get the whole state?? When will I have school again??

My friends and my mom's friends are coming over to take showers, do their wash, and charge their phones. If that's not a sign the world is ending, what is?

Sorry for all of the complaining!! I just actually miss school!! It's so boring here. To pass the time Anneka and I melted crayons. Yes. We melted crayons. I miss the Internet too.

BTW, I'm making a movie about this hurricane. Once we get internet (maybe a week) I'll start editing and post it. It's gonna be EPIC!!!! Heh heh

But this means I won't be able to read your blogs :( But if you want to contact me, you can a) leave a comment (I can check the internet on my phone in some areas), b) tweet me at @jennaaaaah or c) message me on Tumblr (www.jensbrain.tumblr.com) Email has been pretty iffy.

LESSON LEARNED: be careful what you wish for. I wished that I didn't have to start school so early, and here I am on summer vacation again.

It could be worse though!! Thank God we have power. Hardly any of my friends do.

Wait do you guys have any news?? Like who won the VMA's?? What's happening in Libya?? Do you know anything about Hurricane Ten??

Bye you guys!! Sorry for being a drama queen!!


  1. wow! amazing photos! :O sounds terrifying! Hope you get back to school soon (wish i was you, not having to got to school! :P ):D

  2. Wow the beach damage is insane! Hope no one was hurt.

  3. I haven't been around much, but I figured I would catch up somehow. So glad you and your family weren't hurt when Irene came... there's news that there's been some damage over on the east coast of Canada (thankfully not where I live).

    The movie you're making sounds really interesting, though the photos you've posted look devastating.

    Hope you're doing okay and recovering from Irene!

  4. Oooh, thank goodness your alright! The damage is awful, but it's lucky you guys have power. They haven't caught Gadaffi yet (well obviously, you would have heard about it by now if they had!), and the VMA's were great! Firework (Katy Perry) won Video of the Year. And I'm looking forward to seeing the film, sounds good! Hope everything is back to normal soon.

  5. Oh my gosh, it looks mental :/ hopefully everything will get back to normal soon!

    Um...Beyonce's pregnant! But I'm sure you knew that...

  6. Oh My God! That looks crazy! At least you have power!

    It's great how dedicated you are to blogging, blogging from your phone! :-)

    And Beyonce's pregnant! Also, Lady Gaga spent the whole night dressed as her alter-ego Joe Calderone (or something like that) :)

    Stay safe! :-)

  7. Oh my God!!! Hope the clean-up is quick and everyone is ok!

  8. Oh my god! I hope that you are fine and that the clean up is done in a Giffy! Hope you arent too shaken up!


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