Thursday, October 27, 2011

EUROVISION! You have not lived until you've seen Eurovision!

Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing I think Eurovision is. 

I mean, each country facing off in an epic battle? Of SONGS? Come on! You have got to admit that THAT IS AWESOME!
Look Europeans who are probably making fun of me right now, yes I know "Push the Button" was from 2007, and I know I'm seriously fan-girling right now, but please note that I am American and we don't have amazing television like this here. Instead we have crap like "Whitney." Pity us. 
This is "Push the Button" by the Teapacks. I repeat. WHY DON'T I LIVE IN EUROPE?? (and since when is Israel in Europe? Is my geography really that bad?)
"I Love Belarus." Nothing else needs to be said. 
"Rockefeller Street" by Estonia. I'm pretty sure whichever Estonian wrote this song has never been to New York because there's no such thing as "Rockefeller Street" in Manhattan. GET YO FACTS STRAIGHT!
What do you guys think? Are you a Eurovision fan? Do you like American TV or Euro TV more? 


  1. Look for the Moldova Entry for this funny :)

  2. I have never heard of this..... I dig the guy's camo/argyle combo up there.

    My poncho IS a blanket!!! It doubles. It has a zipper in the middle you can unzip and stick your head through, or you can zip it and use it as a throw blanket. I love it. And yeah, I started an etsy a few weeks ago, actually just made another monster doll tonight that I'll probably put up tomorrow! Thanks for checking it out.

  3. its not even funny how much better european television is than american! for reals. oh and "why don't i live in europe?" i seriously think this everyday.

  4. Hey come on! I live in Europe,Greece and we participate every single year in this thing! It's 20% awesome and 80% rediculous in my opinion! I wish i lived in usa! You have Glee instead!
    and all those other amazing series!
    Also,Cyprus or Armenia are not in Europe as well.But they just take part in it :P
    how come you discovered about this competition?

  5. Magda -- My friend Isabella introduced me to it!! We're obsessed with "I Love Belarus" and "Push The Button" :P
    No, European TV is cooler! You have the BBC! We have Fox News :(

  6. I haven't really watched this. I think I did one year though... but, in my opinion (really don't want to offend!!!), it was terrible! I thought that nobody could sing in it! Maybe it was just an off year though.

  7. I LOVE Eurovison!! Estonia were amazing this year - a made up street, lol :D Britain always suuuucks though XD

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  9. EUROVISION IS INCREDIBLE. It's the most hilarious thing of all time and I love it to death. Israel isn't in Europe, I don't think, I'm not 100% sure why we let them participate...
    Oh and Rachel, idk if you'll read this but everyone knows it's bad! It's not a real singing competition, it's just a weird...thing, that happens. Yeah, that about sums it up.

  10. BAHAHAHAHA. This is why I love being European :')
    Eurovision is just so funny, I love it! You should look at Ireland's entry this year (they are called Jedward) 'cause they're really funny! and also Belgium's entry from 2010 Tom Dice is really good :)
    Glad you have discovered the joys of Eurovision!

  11. I LOVE EUROVISION! I watch it every year! Can't wait for next years!

  12. I don't know about other countries but in England, Eurovision is kind of a love or hate thing...
    I used to HATE it but it's not too bad now.
    I agree with Madga though, only 20% of the acts are good :)

  13. I'm a total Eurovision nerd, as is my Dad. My Mom and brother are invincibly resisting the craze, but my Mom is such a good sport that she usually watches along anyway.

    To explain about Israel (and during certain years Morocco and Tunisia, I believe) participating - any country that has reception of a certain broadcasting union that organizes the Grand Prix de la Chanson (as it formerly was titled) is entitled to take part, so long as it can cover participation fees etc.

  14. Eurovision. huh. why don't we have Normericavision or something? i'd love to see what canada'd come up with.
    i've never watched much european TV, so i can't really say. actually we don't have satellite TV anymore, just whatever we can airstream onto the TV in the basement from the internet and canadian netflix (aka LOTS OF CHEAP CRAP FROM THE 80s).

    as for canadian TV, all i know is that mike holmes is canadian and that we make a lot of kid's shows. like little bear.

    i'll have to check out eurovision sometime. sounds like something my family might like :P


    Nessie -- Thank you for clearing that up!! :D

    Amy -- I saw the Ireland one!! So funny!! :D

  16. Wow Jenna. Nice post. Very interesting videos.

  17. Eurovision is my guilty pleasure! I watch it every year without fail lol! I love Rockefeller Street!

    But it's on in May over here, is it only being broadcast now?!

  18. It doesn't even broadcast here; I was just watching it on Youtube :D I wish they played it on tv here!!


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