Sunday, October 23, 2011

New York Comic Con + a vlog about it! Man this is belated.

Guys! Hey! Wasshappen'? Sorry for being MIA this week... I blame Latin class.

But anyways, I WENT TO NEW YORK COMIC CON 8 DAYS AGO. So that would be Saturday, October 15th. Yeah. I went. With my parents... I'm cool. 

It was an out of this world experience. I thought I'd be able to find my way around pretty easily because I had already been to the Javits Center or whatever it's called to see Rick Steves but the place had totally transformed itself. I can't even put together words to explain it.
I took this picture! IT'S MINE! 
I really can't explain Comic Con... it was something else. SO, you should watch my mini video to understand the craziness of it! It's only a minute and forty-eight second long! WATCH.

(note: my voice is not that terrible and shrill and gross in person! Believe me!)
What do you guys think? Have you ever been to a comic con? Do you want to go to one? 


  1. I've never been to a Comic Con, I don't know what they are exactly!!!

  2. OMG this video is hilarious. I don't even know what's happening but it's so spastic and funny and ridic.

  3. This is Rebecca from Rebecca-Books - sorry, I can't login at the moment...

    I've personally never been to a Comic Con but they are HUGE in England especially with teenagers and those that are big Manga or Anime fans. A couple of friends went over the summer and said it was great :)

  4. did u see the bones charachters


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