Friday, November 11, 2011

Ode to Pizza! + Warning Labels on Photoshopped Ads Bill

HAPPY VETERANS' DAY! Thank you veterans!

SO, a part of this post is about pizza! Pizza is amazing. That's why I put it on my "What Reminds Me Of Jesus" poster for Theology class! I'm normal.

New Haven is renowned for its crime pizza. My favorite pizza in New Haven is this place called "Modern Apizza." And boy oh boy is it amazing!
photos by me (they're from the summer, that's why the leaves are green!) 
If you guys ever for some reason come to New Haven, you must come to Modern. It is divine. I can't emphasize it enough. 

On another train of thought, have you guys heard about that bill about putting "warning labels" on ads, like fashion ads, that are Photoshopped? If you have, can you tell me what bill number it is, because man the Senate website is NOT user friendly. 

ALAS! It's called The Self-Esteem Act, and it is awesome! I don't really know much about it yet, but what I do know is that it's pretty much brand new. I don't think it's written yet. We have to get this show on the road! 

Why this bill would be amazing if it passed:
  • 7 million girls have eating disorders. Do we even need to go into the reasons why?
  • It's false advertising. 
  • My 7 year old cousin always calls herself fat and wishes she was skinnier constantly, despite my family and I constantly telling her that she's beautiful, which she is. I just wish that somebody BESIDES us would tell her that those pictures of "beautiful" women are fake. 
What do you guys think? Pizza is amazing right? Are you in favor of this bill? Why or why not?  


  1. I AM A PIZZA LOVER! I like Pizza Bolis, its one of my favorites! It has no sauce, its like cheesy garlic bread.

    Totally- I agree with you 100% about the bill. Its awful what its doing to teenagers. The thing about your cousin is sad. I don't think she thinks shes fat; but maybe because shes just heard a lot of people say it, she says it. Thats what my 5 year old cousin does.

  2. YUMMM!!! Pizza is amazing...I had some for dinner, in fact. That made me laugh pretty hard when you said you put pizza on your poster. That picture of pizza looks absolutely delicious.

    That would be absolutely amazing if the bill passed, I really hope it will! It's a great idea, and maybe it would also discourage the use of photoshopping in ads. One can hope...but really. I definitely am rooting for this bill!


  3. pizzaaa!!! iloveit.
    also that bill is an awesome idea - is that only in the states?
    ARE YOU TAKING PART IN NANOWRIMO???? COOL!!! i would, but i am WAY too lazy to finish my book in a month :L good luck!

  4. That pizza looks stupid good. STUPID, Jenna!!!!

    I haven't heard about that act, but I have mixed feelings. I agree that it has awesome qualities, and that wayyyyyy too many girls and women feel like shit about themselves, and part of that comes from unrealistic media portrayal of women, but I think we need to instead teach the difference between an ad and real life. Ads are supposed to make the product look unbelievably amazing so you feel the need to rush out and buy whatever they're hawking. It's sort of the point. They don't even use real food in food commercials. It's like, plastic. I think the ad industry is entitled to their creative vision. Also, I think government has their little dirty hands in too many non-government areas. Thanks for posting about this.

  5. That's an interesting bill- i think it ought to pass. If you can't show the product in a way that's realistic and not totally photoshopped, then you should have to tell people about it. and it is sad how many girls have eating disorders. that's awful.
    my dad the beanpole always says he's fat. he's not. he's a beanpole.

    you're doing nano? TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE WRITING ABOUT. i'm doing it too, though my novel's kind of... bad...

    mmm, pizza.... i actually used to hate it when i was a little kid. the best kind? Canadian! or perogy :P can't decide...
    that pizza looks GOOOOOOOOOOD....


    try thi cool things

  7. Oh hey! When my sister went to the bulldog days at Yale, my mom and I went to Modern! It was DELICOUS!! I love when bloggers blog about places I've been.
    Totally in favor of the bill! Or, people could just stop using photoshop to make people skinnier. But this will do.

  8. I love pizza. The picture is making me hungry even though I just had it two days ago.I read about the act somewhere and I think its a brilliant idea. Now, if only there's one to stop people from deceiving others with the amount of make-up they put on.

  9. Jenna, are you posting on Tumblr or someplace else? I miss your posts! Love you.


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