Sunday, February 27, 2011

How I [almost] made Rick Steves hate me.

I had an awesome, no, an awesomesauce day in NYC. It was, like, da bomb of my week. By far. But that's not saying much, because my week was pretty boring.

The best part about ginormous conventions in my opinion is all the freebies. This was the first one we got when we walked in:
 Cool, right dawgs? A GOODIE BAG! It was filled with brochures and other sales stuff... but still! It was FREE!

So now I should follow-up on that title and explain how I [almost] made Rick Steves himself hate me.

Well, Rick Steves was so darn funny he had the whole packed seminar room ROTFLing. Well, close to that. But he was NOTHING like he was on PBS. He was more talkative, risque (ok, not really), and just less, nerdy. So after the seminar I said so to my mom as everyone was cramming out the room and to the escalators. "That was such a good talk!" I exclaimed. "He was hilarious! He wasn't as nerdy as I thought he was!"
"Jen!" my mom near-shouted. "He's-right-there!"
I twirled around just in time to see Rick Steves himself speedily walking ahead of everybody else with his head down, and he was in earshot. "Oh, s**t!" I cursed (whoops!) "Do you think he heard me??"
"I don't know," my mom said and burst out laughing.
So in conclusion I didn't go to the book signing afterwards.
 That's the book signing I didn't go to because I was ashamed. Can you spot Rick Steves?
 These are some sale people promoting travel to Thailand.
 A New York pretzel! Mmmm... yummy?
 Some random people filming something in a movie set! A movie set that's a taxi cab! Except the taxi cab  that really isn't driving itself; it's on a float! Those New Yorkers, so darn good at building floats.
And I almost forgot! Samantha Brown! The star of the convention! She was even more hilarious in person if you can believe it! I barely could! And I was there!

I had a great day despite semi-dissing Rick Steves in his presence. Any day spent in New York with my family is a good day.
What about you guys? Have you ever dissed a famous person in their presence? Or anybody else  and you didn't know they were there? 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

How did people procrastinate before the Internet?

I'm serious. I've been trying to think of a couple ways all day...
  1. TV.
  2. Playing... outside? WTFN? (no guys, I'm kidding, I play outside...yeah...)
  3. Reading The Babysitter's Club.
  4. Actually babysitting.
  5. Online shop -- WAIT! No Internet! Duh!
Stinks for those dinosaurs. Or for us. Whatevs.

I found this whilst procrastinating to... I don't know, take a shower. But really, it's like my whole life has been opened up. Press it to make it bigger, save it to your computer, print it out, hang it over your fireplace, do whatever you want with it, IT'S AMAZING.
On another train, I just want to say I have the best followers/commenters/virtual-BFFs in the world!! I was SO shocked when I found out the MoJo JoJo post not only got 22 comments and over 200 pageviews, but it's own award! Thank you so much Cassidy!!!! I'm just kinda lost on that. Personally I don't think that post was that good, but if you guys think it was, uh, yay! So does that mean I should do more posts about... legendary cartoon characters? Uhh? If you guys can tell me in the comments what type of posts are your favorite, that would be amazering.

Anydoodles, I'm going to NYC tomorrow! My idol(s) who I'm going to meet is Rick Steves, the infamous travel guru! And Samantha Brown, the other awesome travel guru! I'm going to the New York Times "Travel Show," a giant seminar in Manhattan where travel gods from all over the planet come together to share their vast knowledge with the public. It's gonna be awesome!!
That's Rick Steves! I'M SO FREAKIN' EXCITED!

So you guys can expect a big New-York-Not-Fashion-Week-But-Better (yes I know NYFW is over, I'm not that outta fashion touch) post tomorrow! Or maybe Monday if I get back late!

But remember to tell me your favorite types of posts in zee comments! PLEASE! I'D BE LIKE A THIRSTY DUDE WHO GETS WATER... Wait, that quote didn't really fit in this context.
What about you guys? How do you think people procrastinated before the Internet?
p.s. it's Marg's birthday today!! wish her happy b-day on her blog!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stupid Game, Stupid Non Muscular Thumbs

When I was younger, I was so kick-tushie at Gameboy. I dominated Polly Pockets Super Splash Island. When my brother and I upgraded to Nintendo DS's I rocked that too! I rocked two screens! I was a wizard at Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. But now... but now, it seems that my gaming skills have disappeared, much like my mathematical skills have.
So now I suck at video games. And when I say suck, I mean I suck at every kind of video game: XBox, Play Station, iPhone apps, you name it. But this lack-of-21st-century-skills hasn't really bothered me that much until I got my iPhone. I had played games before on my friends' i-things, but now with my own, I could practice all I wanted until I was ready to face off at social events instead of loosing to everybody in my grade in Tap Tap Revenge. I could take my time, and move from being a young grasshopper to a Fruit Ninja.

This tactic was all fine and dandy until my I'm-gonna-work-at-LucasArts little brother Frankie discovered I had games on my phone, which I kept hidden in the last page in the little folder things so none of my friends could find them and beat my high scores. And in his first try at Fruit Ninja - his first try! - Frankie SWALLOWED my high score. SWALLOWED IT! He made mine look like a Smart Car while his was a 16 wheeler!

So from there I moved on to Oven Break, which he also stole. And then Angry Birds. And NOW Doodle Jump, which he found in the ride home from my basketball game today. Luckily he hasn't found Doodle Truck and Waterslide Extreme yet.
That's Frankie's high score, not mine. Mine was 5,000 lower.

It's just not fair. Some people (Frankie, Marg, Dani, Jos, Jing) are good at video games, and some people (me) are awful, I'd-rather-place-bets-on-Jennifer-Anniston-marrying-John-Mayer-than-bet-on-you-winning-Wii-Just-Dance-esque bad at them. Video games are the new frontier of these past years and years to come, but some people just can't get a hold of them. Don't get me wrong; video games fascinate me. But when will there be a video game for the gaming-challenged like me? Or at least an iPhone app that doesn't invlove gingerbreadmen, fruit, or notebook paper doodles?

Frankie needs to STOP kidnapping my phone. Thanks to Mommy, Frankie will lose his Nintendo privlieges if he takes my phone without my consent again. But that doesn't mean all ever beat that Doodle Jump score.
What do you guys think? Are you guys really good or really bad at video games? Do they make easy games and I'm just not searching the app store hard enough? Is being good at video games a skill you need to have as a teenager?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding My Lost Mojo

The reason why my posts aren't tumbling out of the factory like Justin Bieber tickets tumble out of the sales office is because I think I lost my mojo. Yeah. My mojo. Like MoJo JoJo. I think he stole it, because he was so jealous of my awesomeness.
Anyway, my mojo is gone. Like POOF one day it was there and then POOF the next day it was gone. I've tried so much to get it back, like writing down all these post ideas on my phone.
(note: the number one and number two idea is a long story. There's a new girl at our school who just moved here from Holland and in Art class she was trying to explain the European way of counting "how far ya gawt" to Marg and I. In short terms it was confusing.)

So much is happening right now in my life that is purrrrrrrrrrfect blog material, but I think I have to wait for this, er, "conflict" to resolve itself before I can write about it. I don't want to offend anybody (but I don't even think the person in which this conflict is invloved reads my blog, but you never know) and the story wouldn't make much sense without an ending and obbbvvvvviously the ending hasn't happened yet so I have to wait for this conflict to be resolved, and the story wouldn't make much sense without a begining, and I think the begining would possibly be offensive to some folks if I tell it with my biased voice. If you followed that paragraph, I applaud you.

That could be what's throwing me off balance, having all that perfect material and not being able to use it. As you guys know, all these posts are inspired by what happens to me, and since this conflict is taking up a lot of my thought process, nothing else in my life is really blogable.
  1. Trying to "learn" French for my trip this summer.
  2. Going to New York next weekend to meet my idol (points to whoever can guess who it is, except for Maddy, Marg and APG, who already know)
  3. Wish this Peteforsaken snow would melt.
Yeah, my life is boring. Surprise.

My mom, who is an amazing writer (who just finished her first novel!), advised me to just let it come back on it's own and not to push it. So if I post random shiz until next weekend, you know why.
Have you guys ever lost your mojo/gone through a blogger's/writer's block? If so, how did you push through it?
RANDOM QUESTION: Which city is your favorite and why?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Obsessive Reality TV Disorder

This week has been craaaaaaaazzzzeeeeeee busy. And until I figure out how to turn it into a decent post, for the mean while I'm gonna tell you guys about my latest, banned-from-TV obsession:
KID NATION!!!!!!!!
In English class we watched the first episode of this Hunger Games-esque reality series because we're reading Lord of the Flies. It was a show on CBS in 2007 that took 40 kids in ages 8 to 15 and left them in a "ghost town" called Bonanza City in a dessert in New Mexico for 40 days. The whole point of the show was for them to build a "better world" than adults. Yeah. Fail.

Ok, no, it really wasn't a fail; if it was a fail I wouldn't have spent the whole day watching the whole season on YouTube. Or maybe it is a fail and that's why I'm so obsessed. But I'm not the only one! Everybody in my grade has went ahead and watched at least one extra episode. Why? WHY? Because it's so ADDICTING!

This is the first episode, and you gotta watch it. Or if this doesn't work, search "kid nation episode 1 part 1" into YouTube. Yeah. I'm obsessed.

But still, somehow, my friends and I are TOE-TALL-IE OB-SESSED with Kid Nation! Along with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills even though the season ended! WHY??? Why is reality TV so addicting?

Reality TV isn't real. If it was real, maybe they would have shown the filthy conditions the kids were living in and shoot more close-ups of the gross food they had to eat. But they can't show that, because there would be more lawsuits against the show than there already were (that's why it got cancelled). Scratch that, better example: If reality TV was real, they would show Kim Kardashian popping zits or Camille Grammer going to the plastic surgeon's (maybe they do show Kim popping zits though, I'm more of an RHOBH girl than a Kardashiette). If it was real, we wouldn't want to watch it.
What do you guys think? Why is reality TV addicting? Or are you one of the lucky ones who aren't affected by this 21st century madness?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The ULTIMATE Guide to School Dances

Sorry the posts have been few-and-far-between, but I'm like really really busy, like, really. But the point of this post is about our Valentine's Day dance on Friday night. And sorry you guys aren't privy to any pictures because I was too busy GROOVIN' MY TAIL BONE OFF!

You don't have to be Shakira to enjoy a school dance. You can be a Wiggles character like me and still have fun. Like, fer realszies. At the dance me, Marg, Dani, Tyty, Jos, Adam, and some other boys were the furthest away from the DJ and busting out our craziest dance moves.

Some seventh grade girls, Jing and two others, were standing on the sidelines watching us. They told me they didn't like the jumping up and down, indicating the kids closest to the DJ. "Are you a wallflower?" Sadie asked me.
"Yeah," I said sheepishly. "But dancing is fun. Just do something, uh, really crazy." And I proceeded to do my failed-version of The Wave. Yeah. But by the end of the night, the three of them were groovin' (yeah, it's a kewl word now) along with us.

When I was in seventh grade, I rarely danced because I hated being up by the DJ and jumping up and down and putting "my hands in the ayer." It was fun when my friends and I had our little circle up there, and it was fun Friday night when some of the girls up there tried to get me to dance with them. But my friends and I, being eighth graders now, realized that it's more fun when you're dancing in the back with tons of room and trying to copy moves like Willow Smith's Hair Whip.
(My face is shiny because I just got back from tennis and I got sweaty. And if you're wondering, I'm wearing an XXL International Quidditch Association t-shirt I got with Marg at the Quidditch World Cup in New York in November.)

So, to help all the other middle schoolers out there who aren't the kids grinding near the DJ, I just spent a half an hour drawing a map for you! It's a map of my dance, but it applies to other dances, too.
So there you go. School dances are meant to be fun, and it's not that much fun (or at least for me) being squished up against the DJ and elbow to elbow with the whole middle school, yuck. And I always get hurt.

My friends are amazing dancers. Adam has some sort of Michael Jackson superpower. Tyty is a professional. And, uh, me... well I can whip my hair.


  1. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT dance anywhere where it's too crowded (see the shaded in red area on map). You WILL get hurt.
  2. Take breaks to catch your breath.
  3. Don't scream I mean sing along with the music unless you have water with you.
  4. Don't worry about having to learn all the new pop songs if you don't know them, like me, because you can just sing "AHHHH SHAWTY AHHHHH ON THE DANCE FLOOR SHAWTY" and you'll fit right in.
  5. Don't form a dance circle with your friends and box anybody out of said circle.
  6. Run to the bathroom with your friends to kill time if you need to. It's like a VIP lounge for celebrities, with toilets.
  7. Bring your camera. If your bored out of your brain it gives you something to do, because everybody loves getting their pictures taken (you can delete them afterwards).
  8. Mints are a mu-mu-must. You're going to have to scream to talk to people or whisper in their ears, and nobody wants a whiff of your morning breath.
  9. Vary your dance moves. The Worm gets old sometimes.
  10. Most importantly, have fun. No I am not your mom.
It was a greato dance. It would have been even better if APG could go, but she broke her arm!! You were there in spirit APG... yeah that's creepy.
What about you guys? What do you think about school dances? Do you have any tips you want to share?

Monday, February 7, 2011

PROTEST!! I mean, sign this petition!

Last March we had this big party at school for the middle schoolers at our school's sports complex (huh can I use "school" anymore in this sentence?), and it was awesome. Like holy-potatoes-I-didn't-think-it-was-possible-to-have-this-much-fun-at-a-school-thing awesome. We had the run of the building. It was just so much fun.

This year I'm the Vice President (2 times in a row babeeeeeeeee! I'm the next Dick Cheney!) and [unfortunately] that doesn't mean I have necessarily any special privileges, except that I sometimes get called, "what's up VP?" by some people, versus the standard, "what's up dawg?" And in student government there's been talk about cancelling this hallowed party, because supposedly it wasn't fun last year and super boring. And I kind of took that as a diss, because last year I helped make that party happen, and a bunch of kids happened to love it. So to prove to those people that this party was mega-awesome, Marg, a boy named Phil and I started a petition.
In 2nd period Latin, Phil was outraged that there was talk of cancelling the party, so he took out a page of notebook paper, labeled it, signed it, passed it to Marg who also signed it, passed it to me who also signed it, and on and on it was passed around the class while we were listening to the "theatrical" Eagle of the Ninth audiobook. Soon everybody in Latin signed, and we were pretty excited.

We decided to get majority of the votes we would need around 50, and would have to get them by study hall on Wednesday when the weekly student government meeting was held. Some people said we were "stupid" to do this, because we were already going to have the party anyway, although it was "lame," but evidently most middle schoolers didn't think so, because we got 57 signatures by 4th period. BOO-YAH!

The reason why, I think, this giant party isn't fun for some people is because it isn't a dance, and in my opinion the dances are no where near as fun as the party, which we have once a year while we have three dances a year. The dances are just so... stereotypical. There's the dreaded slow dance, the rain dance circles, the jumping up and down...ugh.

But that's not the point here. The point is that at school, when you are unhappy about something, PROTEST!! I mean, start a petition! Yeah!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! Our petition proved that the majority of the middle school wanted the party, and we're gonna have the party!! And it's gonna be OFF DA HOOK!!
What do you guys think? Have you ever protested something? Is protesting at school good or bad?
p.s. it's Jos's birthday today!! Wish her happy birthday!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Operation: Anne Frank (the legacy)

First off, I can't even tell you guys how awesome you are. I mean, 25 comments on the last post? Holy jalapenos! And you all have great points! I mean, wowykazowy! I'm still in shock! Like, WOW!

Anyway, it's a new month, which means a new operation! (if I'm gonna work at the CIA one day, I have to get used to operations, no?) But the conclusion for Operation: Horoscopes is this: Most of the time, horoscopes are pure baloney, but if you think about them for a long, long, unhealthily long time, they can come true. But that's only when you completely ditch rationality and think far, far, unhealthily far outside the box.

Anyway, this month's operation is about Anne Frank. She was awesome. Sure, she acted insensitive towards her mother and sister and everybody else in the Secret Annex sometimes, but what do you expect from a teenage girl who has to deal with hormones and teenage meltdowns cooped up in an attic 24/7? We would all go nutty. But somehow, Anne managed to keep her head (ish).

It's the diary in GRAPHIC NOVEL FORM! Marg, I was tempted to buy this for you. I think I will. (But we have to share it... heh heh)

I have to say though, my favorite person in the whole Anne Frank legacy was Miep Gies, one of Otto Frank's employees who protected the family and the other four who were in hiding. She was so insanely brave. After the Gestapo arrested the eight, Miep went to the Gestapo headquarters to try and get them back, two days in a row!! She was so brave!! Like, wow! (hey 2 like, wows in 1 post! Charming!) She was simply amazing.

Even though Anne and the other seven (except for Otto) perished, Anne's diary represents all the lives lost in the Holocaust. She changed the world! She wrote (rather depressingly), "I want to live on even after my death." Marg, Dani and I often say to each other, "She did live on!" Which is true. But the thing was, she was so darn optimistic and always saw the good in people, DURING WORLD WAR TWO! I mean, wowykazowy! (hey 2 I mean, wowykazowy's in 1 post! I'm on a charming role!)

So the operation is this: I'm gonna keep a diary this month, address it Dear Kitty like Anne did, be optimistic, and try to write deep, philosophical thoughts. Ok, minus the deep thing, I'm going to keep a diary. It's not going to be like Anne's or anything, because 1) this is the 21st century, 2) I'm not in hiding, and 3) the Nazis are gonners, thank the goodness. But yeah. I'm going to keep a diary.

This month is going to be all WWII and Anne Frank-ifed! If you want to know more about WWII and Anne, you should watch the BBC Masterpiece collection version of Anne Frank's diary (it's on Netflix), the documentary on Anne's story with Miep in it (it's not on the Netflix instant queue like the BBC one is, you have to order it in the mail, gasp!), and DVR the WWII in HD specials on the History Channel. But the obvious one is this: READ HER DIARY!
What do you guys think? Did Anne's diary change the world?
NOTE: I'm keeping some of the journal entries in the page on top called "Dear Kitty." If you wanna check them out, that's where they are. Please note I sound really dumb in them, so uh, be respectful?