Monday, April 25, 2011

Lesson Learned: Tony the Tiger Was Not Lying.

This weekend was really busy, AKA I was in New Jersey visting the g 'rents (that's Swag for grandparents) for Easter, which you would have known if you a) follow me on twitter, and/or b) follow me on tumblr. No this is not an infomercial.

So today, considering that it's Monday, I had school. Same old, same old. I got up and got ready and subconsciously poured some Frosted Flakes and milk into a bowl, and I was sitting there, munching away, reading a magazine, and then BAM it hit me like I was drinking soda in a V8 commercial. How old is this milk? I thought. We've been gone for 2 days... I leapt from my chair and dashed over to the sink with my bowl and dumped its barely touched contents in it.

It turns out the milk was fine and I'm just some neurotic crazy person, but I didn't have time to eat anything else. So basically I spent the whole morning trying to stop my stomach from roaring like my dog Sammy does whenever she sees old people. But luckily, lunch was upon me. APG, Marg, Tyty and I pushed our way through the lunch line, and not wanting to wait anymore, we grabbed plates of mac and cheese. BAD. CHOICE. LESSON. LEARNED.

The "mac and cheese" was more like "Snooki-colored starch and water." We struggled to swallow our first bites and then ran to the salad bar. And I'm sorry, I do not consider lettuce and oil to be a fulfilling meal, and evidently neither does my stomach.

Yeah. Science class was not fun. I thought I was going to pass out. And the Science room was so darn hot. And I had to pee. And I had to take a quiz. And it was not. fun.
Lesson learned: Check the expiration date on the milk before throwing away your whole breakfast. 
That face just makes me laugh!! This isn't one of their best though, for more google cyanide and happiness because I'm to lazy to link linking takes time and time is money.
What about you guys? Has missing breakfast/any meal messed up your day once? 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Who Cares if Sarah Palin Got a Boob Job?

Hey users of the Internet and friends, I know I said I was going to do the "How to blend in at Kohl's in Connecticut on a Saturday," post but I didn't take the outfit pictures yet, and I saw this video on Maddy and Sophie's blog and read Sophie's post and it got me thinking! Like most things do!

You guys have got to watch this! 

What I've always hated about the Huffington Post is that they always, always, write some snazzy article in response to another journalist who was opposed to another article they put out. They always diss other news companies about their "ethics" and "opinions," but really what's the point? Your news company waging war on some other news company isn't news. Neither is who got plastic surgery or needs Botox.

As in this video, news companies always seem to rag on women in power. Like, "oooh, Sarah Palin got a boob job," and trash like that. But somebody needs to remind these so-called "journalists" that Sarah Palin is a POLITICIAN! Why rag her on her looks when you could rag her on her policies and what she stands for? No one rags Obama on his possible plastic surgery. I don't support Sarah Palin's views, but I respect her as the former governor of Alaska. Same for Barack Obama. I don't support his views, but I respect him as the leader of our nation. These "journalists" should learn to respect women as individuals and intellectuals, not talking Barbie dolls. We need some real journalists. 

I don't really have much of a problem with tight dresses or bikinis. I have a problem with them though when girls are acting all sexy and stupid while wearing them. Eghh. I hate the word sexy. It's so over-used that it drops your intelligence down a notch. Especially when people describe their test grades as sexy. Trust me. It's happened. 
What do you guys think? How do you think the media portrays women? DISCUSSION TIME!! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catchin' Up With Jen. That was a hip title.

Yeah, uh, this is double awkward baby sea turtles, but, er, um, sorry for the nine day blog break, or as uber-cool bloggers say it, "hiatus." I'm an uber-cool blogger too so I'm sorry for the "hiatus."

Some posts are planned I have coming up (that was me talking in Yoda). But since my brain is pretty fried right now like an Oreo at Seaside Heights, we're just gonna take a post for some (cue the surfer voice, cuz I'm so hip like that) catchin' up with Jennnnnnnnnnnn!

I've been obsessed with folding paper cranes lately. At school every bird we give to this fundraiser donates $2 to the Japan relief fund, which makes making them even better. I made a vlog about folding them actually but my parents say vlogging is not what they agreed to when they said I could blog. One day. One day I shall vlog.
The other day my brother and I had to go to my dad's office after school and we took this freaky picture of my reflection 'cuz we thought we looked ghosty. It's supposed to look like I'm leaning against a building... get it... yeah... we were bored.

On Thursday I had to stay home sick because I came down with a really crappy cold. So I spent the day trying to blog (ish) and watching Gossip Girl for the first time (Blair is a b***h!!). You can see how it went.

I didn't feel that much better on Friday, but I pushed myself to go to school (aww what a diligent student I am!) in the afternoon after sleeping in (yeah real diligent). I almost wish I hadn't gone to school though, because right away in Science I walked into a table and hit my knee really hard so hard in fact I practically fainted inside my head and it's still sore. And at the end of the day I got to spend a very stressful hour and a half watching the screenplay I wrote "come to life" as my Science teacher puts it by my classmates who were performing and filming it for a middle school competition. The competition was to make a public service announcement, and it was required. Normally I would be all over a project like that, just because we get to use tripods and they were in a School House Rock song, but the groups we were in were pre-arranged (aka our advisor groups) which means we automatically lost, as my group says.

One of the girls in my advisor group told me that she had a dream about the script and she cut out a whole section of it and it was so much better. The second time she told me that I told her that if she knew how to make the script so much better she should write it herself. That was the end of our conversation. And our friendship.

This is just a random baseball field. I felt like I needed to splice that story up with a picture.

After that I went home to "rest" because that night there was a huge party at school that Marg and I made a petition to have a while ago. I'd link to that post but I just got a new computer and I can't figure out how. Once I got home I made a flier with a couple ways to reduce stress on them, because for this group I'm a part of, the "Climate Committee" (I'd link to that post to but again copy and paste is like calculus for me), and we were doing a table at the party about stress (I got my facts from Then I "rested" by talking to Marg on the phone straight up to the point the party started and we didn't even realize it so that's why we were late Ms.G.

At the party we set up our table and our yoga mats (let's leave that topic untouched) and then Marg, APG, Tyty and I walked around. The night concluded with me having a spazz attack while playing Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duel on Wii which Marg and Adam got on video and I swear if you guys put that on YouTube I'll put hair remover in your shampoo (I got that from Diary of a Wimpy Kid).

And as at all middle school functions, there was drama. Eghhh. I'm sooo over that, girls. And guys.

On a blogsphere note, I've gotten some new followers but I didn't say hi yet because I couldn't find your blogs, so hi new followers! If you have blogs or Twitters or Tumblrs tell me in the comments!

And that's all for now. Now you can see why I haven't blogged recently (the Latin word for recently is "nuper." Now you really can see why I haven't blogged recently). I'm pretty sure the next post is going to be "How to blend in at a Kohl's in Connecticut on a Saturday," but it's still in the rough stages so far. So until then, TTFN! (That's CT tawk for "ta ta fer now.")
RANDOM QUESTION: If you could speak any other language not including the one(s) you speak, which would it be and why?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You're not awesome in middle school.

One of my all time favorite quotes is from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Now you guys are probably laughing at me because I just said one of my favorite pieces of literature comes from a graphic novel intended for 5th graders, but... oh pish posh. I don't have a good argument for why Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a sophisticated book.
One day I'll be rich and famous, but for now I'm stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons.

Why I love this quote... I don't know, because it's so true. It's my "About Me" thing a ding. Because, well, that's how I feel about my middle school career (except I'm probably won't be rich and famous), which is why I started this blog in da first place.
Don't get me wrong, I love my school. I mean, I learned how to tell time here. All of my friends are here. My classes are cool. My life is here. But... it's just 8th grade in general that's got me down.

Lately I've been feeling like I'm stuck. I know I only have 2 more months left to graduation (62 days, 3 hours, 41 minutes, and 33 seconds), but I can't take it any more. I can't take the petty fights, the gossip, the secrets that you can't tell anybody or else, the who-likes-who, the texting, everything. I want to have conversations with people that don't involve taking cell phone pictures of ourselves and posting them on Facebook with the caption "nott justt friendssss, sistersssssssss." I want to talk about something other than that the last Science test was so hard, you know? Something other than who-said-what-about-who.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to peak now in middle school, but not peaking makes middle school a very boring place to be. I guess I should savor these last few months while I can though, because I hear high school is a ton different.
What about you guys? How do you guys feel about your schooling situation at this time of the year, or is this just a case of spring fever? And what do you guys think about high school?
p.s. i'm gonna be commenting on all of your blogs tomorrow!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Attack of the Hipster Clones!!

Sorry sorry sorry for being 100% MIA this week, it twas the first week back at school and I've been getting into tumblr!! So follow me if you like pictures of food and quotes from Diary of a Wimpy Kid and famous world leaders!!

So, I'm not really into Bruno Mars or Flo Rida (is he still cool?) or all the rappers who's first names are Sean. I like rap, but not rap about "getting down in da cluuuuuuub," or "got my swaggg on and my designerrr jeansss," or "comin' up by the schoooool buuuuus." It's just not really my scene. Instead I like the Local Natives, the White Lies, Broken Social Scene,  Animal Collective, Cold War Kids, Cage the Elephant, the works. And I successfully got my mom and brother into them too! So, everything was chill. Wow that was a lame way to end a paragraph.
Another band I really like is the Strokes, so I was stoked (ha ha, get it? Stoked, Strokes? How punny I am!) to see them on SNL. But after a couple seconds of "Under the Cover of Darkness," I looked quizzically at their outfits. Are they wearing Jeggings? I pondered. And did that dude perm his hair? I thought that was a hairdo only for old ladies going to bed?  
(This isn't really a good picture to look at their outfits but it was all I found.)

I just didn't get why they had to dress so done-up and swaggerific. I guess they tried to look casual, but instead their outfits were too convoluted and confusing and wannabe-skinny-tough-guy that takes away from the really awesome music.

Unfortunately for me, I stumbled across this music video for "Who Knows Who Cares," by the Local Natives. It. Is. Terrible.
I think this comment on Youtube describes it adequately:
"A f***ing hipster road trip."

In the music video, the band is having a picnic with a bunch of skinny girls in Lookbook-esque traditionally trendy outfits. The lead singer is wearing some baggy tank top. NOTE TO THE MALE POPULATION: The baggy tank top is OFF LIMITS to guys! There is no situation on Earth that requires you to parade around in your sister's floral cover-up. Really. I can't think of one.
The problem with the music video however is the plot. How the girls all end of stripping to their bras and panties and dancing around a bonfire like Cleopatra's handmaids is beyond me.

I guess I sound a little harsh. It's supposed to be art, these weird music videos, I guess. But that's not my problem with hipster bands. My problem is that THEY'RE ALL HIPSTERS. 

Every band sounds different. But not every band looks different. In the music industry, you're supposed to have a "look." (I learned this from Never Say Never in 3D) And these bands have "a look." But they all have the SAME look! The Jeggings, the sailor-shirts, the combat boots, they ALL do it. The Local Natives and the Strokes could be one band based on their sartorial choices. But they're not, they have their own sound. Get my dizzle?

I don't want to sound like a character from Fame, but isn't it about the music? Bands should have a look that people can copy, but they shouldn't all have the same look. And thanks to these band's zero fashionable creativity, there's an overpopulation of hipsters. I see them all the time in New York, couples spending the weekend in H&M with their gel-ed hair and pleather pants. I get that they're trying to be stylish and stuff, but they're all wearing the same thing! Am I going crazy or do you guys see it too?

I won't stop listening to these bands because their music is genius. But I WILL stop watching their music videos.
What about you guys? What do you guys think of the hipster trend and indie band's style/swag? What bands/singers do you think have their own "look"?
p.s. maybe you guys noticed but the new address is!! only $10 a year!! no i am not an ad for google!!