Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sentimentality, the blog post

title inspired by the Man Repeller
Hello Internet! I have been gone for... 8 days! So, where have I been, where have I been...


  1. Phil's house. I practically live there now.
  2. Tumblr! Yes. Tumblr. Well you know how you can get posts featured and stuff? Well, I posted a Slyvia Plath poem, and it got featured in Lit, and it has about 140 likes/reblogs now. Yeah, no big deal.
  3. School*... duh.
  4. *correction. It's review week at school, which means the last week of being in the classroom. Next week is exams, graduation, and the beloved trip to a certain amusement park. And I'm pretty sad. 8th grade is almost over. I'm leaving the school I've gone to since I was 7. Holy telephone booth.
  5. Memorial day parade... it got rained out, so it was in the local high school's gym instead. Key words: sauna with American flag visors.
That's about it. The reason this post is called Sentimentality is because... 8th grade is practically over. Middle school is practically over. An era of my life is ending. Foh realszies. I mean, I'm leaving my school. That's like, moving to the other side of the country or something.

Speaking of the other side of the country, I really want to go to California. It seems awesomesauce, minus the Arnold Schwarzenegger-love child scandal. And the Charlie Sheen scandal. And the Chris Brown scandal. And the Miley Cyrus-- oh shut up Jen.
But anyways, I really want to go to California. I've only been there twice, as a little wee one, and the only place I went to was Frezno so I've decided the whole trip doesn't really count.

The arrow is pointing at San Francisco, a city I've always wanted to go to after seeing the Princess Diaries when I was little, and ever since seeing My Name is Khan a couple months ago. Lesson learned: Bollywood trumps Hollywood.

But as I was saying, Sentimentality. To be frank, this school year wasn't amazing... it was just weird. Just really, really weird. Some crazy stuff went down this year that was so unpredictable... in which I chronicilized it in its very own Moleskin knockoff. As soon as school ends I'm going to collaborate with my friends and we're going to create The Epic Timeline of Stuff That Happened This Year. And it shall be a blog post!

If you guys want another blog post about Sentimentality, I was pretty bored and Sentimental this weekend so I wrote an insanely long post titled "the story of my first stall-bawl." Looking back, it's really just me dry heaving over a bunch of nothingness (the writing in the post is dry heaving, not me stall bawling), but if you need some summer reading material, just say the word.

So yeah, I'll try to post again before graduation. Soon you guys will know all the crazy stuff that happened this year. Seriously. It's better than a Sarah Dessen novel.
Are you guys excited or sad or both or [insert emotion here] for school to end? What do you think about traveling to California? If you could go get pizza with any author, who would it be and why?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Smiley Meets Shakespeare

note: the moral of this story is to never let haterz (or classmates who know you really well) get you down. Never say never!
As mentioned before somewhere on this blog, I have a problem with laughing. As in over-laughing. And that goes hand-in-hand with my rep of being a "marshmallow" (soft and sweet, not obese and pasty [ok hopefully not]) at school, so of course when somebody's like "don't laugh" I get a ton of threatening I'm-gonna-doodle-on-your-planner-until-the-next-century-esque looks. But, what now? Who showed them? What? What?
So, in English class we had a Shakespeare insult tournament, where we had to make up insults with Shakespeare-y words and face-off with somebody and the winner is the one who doesn't laugh or crack a smile. I went against Marg first. And everybody's all like, "Oh, Jen's gonna lose," and who showed them? Who? Who?
I DID!!! (no offense Marg :D)

And somehow, somehow, I clawed my way all the way to second place, runner-up behind a boy who I swear hates my guts so that's why it was probably easy to insult me.
har har, no, just kidding LOLzies

These were some of the insults I said:

"You paltry pigeon-livered pukestocking!"
"You meddling nimble-footed whore-monger!"
"You testy cony-catching ticklebrain!"

It was a fun English class.

So yeah, everything else here is pretty boring. Only two more weeks left of middle school though until graduation!
Whoa, two more weeks left... an era is ending...

Whoa, overuse of italics in this post...

What about you guys? Have you ever proved your reputation at school wrong? Have you ever been in a Shakespeare insulting contest? Do you suffer from Italicsoveruseitis?
p.s. uh I have no p.s.
p.p.s. Phil is blogging... yeah... he's super cool... so FOLLOW YOU SHALL!
p.p.p.s just so you know, in my profile picture that's key lime pie on my face. carry on.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey guys, it's me Jen, Phil, and Anneka here, and we're here to say, we're survived the world ending!! We just spent ten minutes in a grassy field so no trees would fall on us if an earthquake was to happen or anything. Not like we believed it was. Anyway. But we just want you to know that we're alive! That this world ending crap is a bunch of baloney!

And we're also here to tell you that Phil has a blog! Check it out and follow him!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girl meets World of Warcraft / Popular Boys

So my friend Phil is this super nice guy, and he's really good at World of Warcraft, this online wizard game. He told me a little bit about it and it sounded interesting so I asked him if he would help me start an account. Yeah. This is a true story.

One day at school, Phil and I went to his mom's office and he helped me take a "What type of World of Warcraft player are you?" quiz online. So while choosing between Horde and Alliance, two of the cooly-cool popular boys in our grade sauntered in, with their Guess jeans and Hermes belts, looking for Phil's mom. Phil quickly minimized the browser. When the two of them swaggered out, Phil said, "Yeah, you should be a closet player."
Last Sunday (the Sunday that was two days ago), Marg, Anneka and I went over to Phil's house to "study for the Latin test," but really we were watching Doctor Who episodes while eating doughnuts and riding these scooters Phil got in Amish country all over town. Before Anneka got there, Phil set up my World of Warcraft account.

So, where to begin, where to begin...

I like World of Warcraft and all, I really do actually, but I just stink at it! Like legit! Like OMG LMAO ROTFL BRB! Ok that didn't make sense. But man World of Warcraft is HARD! I have so much respect for World of Warcraft players now. Not because the game's really hard or anything, which is contradicting this whole paragraph, but they receive so much crap from the boys at our school. That's why Phil told me to be a closet player.

In one of my classes, one of the cooly-cool wannabe popular guys plays World of Warcraft, and the other cooly-cool wannabe popular guys won't let it go, just because they play Black Ops and Black Ops is evidently way cooler. And whenever this WOW (world of warcraft) player says some joke or something, one of the other boys will go "oh is that a World of Warcraft thing? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!" And all the other boys will slap their knees and start ROTFLing. And that poor kid's face flushes and he tries to laugh along too, when they're obviously laughing at him not with him. But they're boys and they get over it in two seconds. But still. Not swag.
What do you guys think? Is WOW cool or not cool? Does it matter? Does that make it hipster? Would you try WOW? What do you think about mean boys?
p.s. sorry this post was all over the place, and sorry for not posting sooner. I lied. But we're still cool, right?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My blog is carbon neutral! Al Gore must love me!

Hey mambo, mambo Italiano! This is gonna be a short post, because I'm gonna be posting again later. But I'm here to tell you that my blog is carbon neutral! Awesomesauce, right?

I found this website where they plant a tree for your blog. This is how it works:
Nice, right?

Anyways, we watched "An Inconvenient Truth," you know, Al Gore's documentary, in Science class and it really hit me. I used to be a huge skeptic of Climate Change but I'm not anymore. If you guys haven't seen this movie yet, you should. It's so inspiring at the end.

So this is the first act of hopefully many acts I'm doing to lower my carbon footprint. You guys should too, it's so easy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Toxic Trends: Shorts n' Tights

Ok, I'm not one to diss trends all the time. I don't think all trends are bad. I like quite a lot of trends. But some trends, like Pillow Pets, start out good and turn sour due to overuse. And this is one of those trends:
pictures from lookbook.nu 
When the tights under shorts thing went mainstream, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It made shorts wearable all year! It was a boyish way to wear tights! It was a feminity-meets-hipster fusion! 

But then conformers everywhere with Internet access rolled on their tights and dug out their cut-offs from the basement. The result is above.

The shorts n' tight trend went so viral that shorts n' tights were considered a basic. A basic! Like you could pair anything with shorts n'tights. Yeah. You can't. For proof, see above. 

The shorts under tights aspect of the outfit is supposed to be the centerpiece. Not a neon pink T shirt (second to left). 

I hope I'm not the only one who think's this trend is bad. 
What about you guys? What do you think about the shorts n' tights trend? Are there any other trends you do/don't like?

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's the world's Disney Week!!

Ok guys, I know it's 6:28 am, and that I should be eating breakfast right now, but I just found out that OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD!!! JUSTICE SERVED!!!!!!
As the New York Post says, "ROT IN HELL."

Like, wow. Like wow wow wow wow.

Looking back, this has been a really weird week for the world, and that's saying something. This week was like something you'd get out of a novel. Or more particularly, a Disney movie.

It starts with a huge problem (the tornadoes in the south), and then the princess gets married (the royal wedding), and it ends with the bad guy dead (Bin Laden). If that's not the plot of Snow White or something, I must be going crazy. Oh wait, I am going crazy: I just compared the death of a terrorist to a Disney movie.

In a way, it feels weird that Bin Laden is dead. I grew up with him being the bad guy. I can't really explain it. He just seemed so untouchably bad. But the fact that he's over makes me feel really hopeful and happy, that the cause of so much death and misery and awfulness is done. I guess there will never be a period of time where there isn't a bad guy, but now the bad guy, the reason why me and a lot of other people are a nervous wreck on airplanes, is dead. And that makes me really optimistic about the world. Things get bad, but that doesn't mean that they don't get better. It might have taken almost 10 years, but the job got done.
(I'm trying to stop myself from making a Harry Potter analogy here.)

It's just amazing to live through this! This week, no, this year has been crazy so far!
And to make things weirder, I found out of most of these events through Twitter.
I'm wearing this pin to school today!! I'm actually proud to be an American now. I don't feel like a fat tourist in Tevas.

Sorry that the writing in this post sucks. It's the morning and my brain is mush.
What do you guys think? Has this been a crazy week? What do you think about Bin Laden's death? Who do you think the next bad guy is?
EDIT: Our keen reader Marg says that if it's true that Hitler did kill himself, than yesterday, May 1st, is the anniversary of his death. Creepysauce. Must be something about early May.