Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Post-Apocalypse New Life

Do you guys remember the girl who posted last? Jen, I think her name was. Remember her? Oh wait, she was me.

I was so self-assured in the last post. Like, no hurricane can take me down! I wasn't scared of nothin'.

The hurricane itself wasn't scary. The aftermath is the scary part. As in, the Internet is long gone, and it won't be back for a long time.

The beach is a wreck, the beach club is destroyed, and there are fallen trees everywhere. All of the public schools have cancelled classes until Tuesday, and i haven't had school at all this week. Most of Connecicut is out of power. I'm writing this from my cell phone. Everything is closed. It feels so weird.

But luckily, after 48 hours of no power, my house got power again! We were a part of 2% of my town to get power. And if it took a whole day to get 2%, how long is it gonna take to get the whole state?? When will I have school again??

My friends and my mom's friends are coming over to take showers, do their wash, and charge their phones. If that's not a sign the world is ending, what is?

Sorry for all of the complaining!! I just actually miss school!! It's so boring here. To pass the time Anneka and I melted crayons. Yes. We melted crayons. I miss the Internet too.

BTW, I'm making a movie about this hurricane. Once we get internet (maybe a week) I'll start editing and post it. It's gonna be EPIC!!!! Heh heh

But this means I won't be able to read your blogs :( But if you want to contact me, you can a) leave a comment (I can check the internet on my phone in some areas), b) tweet me at @jennaaaaah or c) message me on Tumblr (www.jensbrain.tumblr.com) Email has been pretty iffy.

LESSON LEARNED: be careful what you wish for. I wished that I didn't have to start school so early, and here I am on summer vacation again.

It could be worse though!! Thank God we have power. Hardly any of my friends do.

Wait do you guys have any news?? Like who won the VMA's?? What's happening in Libya?? Do you know anything about Hurricane Ten??

Bye you guys!! Sorry for being a drama queen!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

High School and the Hurricane

Thank you everybody who commented on the last post!! All of your comments made me feel a lot better about starting high school!!

High school has been seriously awesome so far. Everyone I've met so far has been super nice. I have friends in every class. I don't feel like the loner I thought I'd be. But it's a culture shock, really; having come from a school where I grew up with all 16 of the girls, and coming to this school where there are a ton of new friendships waiting to be made, it's hard to make sense of.

But in other news: IRENE.

In Constitution Foundations class, I checked the hurricane tracker on msn.com (as a school requirement we all have laptops) while the class was working out some technical kinks. And little white line was RIGHT. OVER. NEW HAVEN.

But surprisingly I'm not that scared; I'm actually excited. I've never experienced a hurricane before. And since when has an earthquake AND a hurricane hit the East Coast in the same week?? Since when has either happened in any week?? I mean, according to the guy on Nightly News, this is what's going to be "undoubtedly, the worst disaster to ever hit the East Coast," or something melodramatic like that.

My state and my town have both declared a state of emergency, but the only people in my town who have been evacuated are the islanders. That's really it. I see no reason to freak out. I'm prepared with batteries and water and flashlights, I have books to fight boredom of being marooned all day tomorrow, I know where the shelters are, so there's no reason to worry.

The worst part of this storm (besides those 7 people dying) is probably the fact that I have to sleep in my parent's room tonight on the floor.

I'll keep you guys updated!! We're probably going to lose power, so maybe my next post will be Monday...?

I just hope that not that many trees fall down. I love trees. Especially the trees here. Maybe you guys can keep the East Coast in your prayers...?
What do you guys think about Hurricane Irene? Are you in the path of Irene? If so, what did you do to prepare? What would you do to prepare if you're not in Irene's path? Have you experienced a hurricane before? 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

High School Starts. Tomorrow. DUH DUH DUUUUH!

if you didn't understand the above, that was scary music. 
Sorry I've been MIA recently.... I've been trying to savor the last days of summer. Today was the last day. Because tomorrow.... oh, tomorrow....

I'm nervous? Huh, who's nervous? Not me. Yeah. Yep. Not nervous.

I just feel so unprepared! I'm used to the mundane, knowing what to expect aspect of my old school, having gone there for most of my life. But this? This? THIS? AHHHH!

Most of me is in shock though. Tomorrow morning, for the first time ever I'm going to put on the uniform I'm going to wear for the next four years, in this town. Hoping one of those senior boys will wink at me and say "oh I haven't seen you in a while." AGHH TAYLOR SWIFT GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

This is how I feel:
This is an old picture from when my brother and I had a homework-procrastination Photo Booth shoot last winter.

My mom and I went to Staples an hour ago. It was total bedlam, filled with elementary school kids searching for supplies off their school lists like they were playing a scavenger hunt. And standing there, my hearing muffled by the happy chit chat of 10 year olds, searching for my beloved Ticonderoga pencils, I almost lost it. They knew what to expect. Their grades wouldn't affect their high school GPAs.

But I got over it. I found the Ticonderoga pencils. My mom bought them and we left the store. Tomorrow I'm starting high school!

I'm actually really excited. I'm setting sail on a whole new adventure! I'm like a Disney movie!
Wish me luck!
What do you guys think about high school? Should I be nervous? Did you have a good high school experience? Are you nervous about high school? Have any advice? 

Monday, August 15, 2011

I did a guest post on Amy's blog!

It's called "Why I Love Books." You should check it out! And follow Amy's awesome blog! Seriously. Amy's blog is awesome! You won't regret following! Go! Now! I commandeth you!

And this is totally random, but TOM FELTON AND I HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!! September 22nd!! Oh yeah!!

And since this is a random post, I had a dream where I didn't post a question at the bottom of a post... so I shall post a question!
Why do you guys love books? Are you Tom Felton fans? Do you think it's fair for the parents of college kids to keep supplying them with money and gizmos? At what age do you think parents should stop supplying them with money? 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My New Found Self-Soothing Skills

The other day I went to the carnival with Phil. I'm not much of a temporary carnival person (those rides can break so easily! Why didn't I remember that when I was there?), but by the end of the night I had gone on most of the rides. Me. Jen. The "Marshmallow."

The first ride I thought I could handle was the spin-y dragon things, like the Magic Teacups at Disney World. Phil and I spinned ours so fast and I was laughing so hysterically and I was so dizzy that when I came off I was on a Spinny Purple Dragon high that I pointed to the second-scariest ride at the carnival, the Hanglider, and said, "let's go on that one." Phil whooped. Thus began the ride-riding.

I think the Dragon ride shook something loose in my brain. Like, my common sense.
The fair. (scary rides not pictured)

I'm definitely not a roller coaster person, so I don't really know how I survived (or more importantly, why I wanted to go on) these rides. There were some pretty intense ones. Like some that spinned around so fast that my cheeks imploded and I looked like Taylor from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

.... But, I don't regret going on the rides. I actually-kinda-sorta enjoyed them. Instead of screaming my head off, I soothed myself by thinking happy thoughts and pretending that the guys who worked the rides knew exactly what they were doing. 

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment. And for the first time ever, I had a cavity. Yuck. 

My dentist started on drilling the cavity out right away. Before I knew it, my tooth was in the process of  numbing, there was a clamp in my mouth that I swore reached my uvula, and the dentist and nurse were talking in teeth terms I couldn't follow. My instinct was to tear the clamp out of my mouth (it was waaaaaaay to close to the puke button), but I soothed myself into counting the ceiling tiles. Again. And again. 

My parents always say I don't have self-soothing skills, like I react (freak out) before I think (it's their fault for not using the Ferber program when I was a baby!). But I think I'm getting better at them.
What do you guys think about self-soothing skills? Do you like roller coasters? Have you ever had a cavity before? 

Monday, August 8, 2011

London Riots

Ok. These riots are seriously insane.
I thought it was messed up when Vancouver went crazy over some hockey game. But this? Why??

Yesterday, my dad and I were driving in New Haven, and all of a sudden we heard these incredibly loud sirens and some dude on a motorcycle was racing by us on the shoulder impossibly fast (it was a one-way street), his white T shirt rippling against him, and my dad swerved out of the way to avoid a collision with the cop cars thundering after him.

"WHOA!" I exclaimed. "I wonder if they'll get him!"

Then we passed the corner store, where a bunch of people were standing outside, dazed looking sort of, and rushing away from the scene.

"That's the problem with New Haven," my dad said. "People see sh*t and don't talk about it."

It just made me think. I have no idea what Motorcycle Dude did, if he stole something from the corner store or if he was just being reckless, or if he got caught, but... I don't know. It's just depressing. New Haven isn't really known for being safe or anything (which defeats its name, OXYMORON!), but still. It stinks.
picture from msn. 

It just sucks that people can be so heartless, destroying, actually destroying other people's stuff. Destroying whole neighborhoods. It's just so indescribably messed up, that people can do this to one another and not feel a thing.

My friend Marjorie's apartment got trashed. That really stinks.

My heart and prayers are out to all of you in the UK and I hope this insane rioting ends soon. I hope they pull the army in there or something.
What do you guys think? Do you think the riots will end soon? What do you think the UK should do to stop it? How do you think the riots started? 

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Uniform Conundrum + Blog Award!!

For the upcoming school year, I'm gonna be a freshman at an all-girls, uniform wearing Catholic school, the total opposite of the school I went to before, where the dress code was hardly enforced (well, I only got in trouble once). At first I was excited at the thought of avoiding the sartorial tornado that hits my room every morning, but seeing as it's the twilight of the free dress days, I'm feeling kind of, I don't know. Bummed.
from here 
My uniform is kinda like Mia's but it's maroon and gray.
At least I'm not the only one making the transition. Marg, Anneka, Dani, and two other girls from our old school are all going too!! Thank the gods!!

But uniform-wearing has pros, too. The only decision I'll have to make in the morning is "hmm, long sleeved shirt or short sleeved? Let me check the weather forecast!" and the Today Show will be making that one for me, anyway.

Moving on to the blog award!!
I got this awesome award from Anna at Artist's Charm!! Thanks Anna!!

I have to say 7 facts about myself before I pass it on:

  1. I really like photography, but man all this shutter speed stuff is complicated!
  2. I love documentaries. I just watched a really good one on HBO called "Koran By Heart" about an international competition in Cairo where kids memorize and sing the Koran. 
  3. Last summer I repeatedly had nightmares where Joan Rivers was trying to get me to do plastic surgery on myself.
  4. I've driven the length of I95 (well zee parents drove). 
  5. ACCIDENTALY (Mom!) I jumped off a moving golf cart when I was 11.
  6. I also crashed a moving golf cart.
  7. I don't think I'm going to be a good driver.
Now to pass the award on!! I'm gonna pass it on to 7, 'cause you know, 7 facts, 7 years at Hogwarts, you get it. 
On other horizons, what post would you like me to do next? Here are the options:
  1. My mom and mine's adventure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  2. All of the awesome pizza places in New Haven
  3. An expert of the book Philip and I are writing (well what we wrote before he got grounded). 
Talk to you later, alligators!
What do you guys think about school uniforms? Are they easy or queasy? heh heh heh, punny. Are you scared to drive like I am? Are you a good driver? If you have your license, do you like being able to drive?