Monday, January 30, 2012

Vintage Stuff #1: Cold War Era Globe

To keep up with cool fashion people share the love of old stuff, I decided to start a feature called "Vintage Stuff," where I post about the old stuff in my house. Here is the first one!

Photos by me!
I love maps, especially globes. They make such a complex world look so simple. Okay, scratch that, I was trying to be metaphorical. But the point is, isn't this awesome? Look at it! LOOK!

My grandma gave this to me a couple weeks ago, and we've been trying to figure out what year it's from. I would say the 70s, but Germany isn't split in two. But in contrast, Vietnam is Indo-China and most of North Africa is one giant blob. Can somebody help us out? Did Americans not consider Germany two countries or something? Maybe this is just a crappy globe.

It's old, right?

What do you guys think? What makes something "vintage"? Do you know what year this globe is from?


  1. I absolutely love anything vintage! And I've always kinda had a interest in globes....not sure why :L I think I'll love this feature ^_^

  2. The best part about this globe is the zodiac base.

    This sounds like a history lesson. You'd have to look up when all those countries changed names/boundaries to really figure this out. I'm too lazy-- anyone a history buff?

  3. i have absolutely no idea which year this comes from. im just so helpful, i know.

    is it just me or did you stop blogging for like months?? for ages your latest post was the pizza one. it made me very sad :( buuuuuuuut you're BAAAAAACK!!!! *squee*

    Rose (:

  4. I want to travel to Mongolia now. I like its green space. Thanks for posting the globe and feel free to drop by me too.

  5. I love maps/globes old and new. I love how they're always changing.

  6. I love all vintage things, even the things that aren't technically vintage haha, and this globe is beautiful and so interesting! Love it.


  7. Oooh LOVE vintage! This is a great feature and i can't wait to see more. Plus the globe is awesome, though i have no idea how old it is.

    I think what makes something vintage is its look and its age. Can't wait to see more :)


  8. I am likewise obsessed with maps/globes/vintage walls are wallpapered with old maps I stole from my grandmas attic. Very cool globe! There's a song about Indo-China...can't remember it though. And as for whats vintage...I know for clothes at least people can get pretty particular (er...snobby) about whats vintage and whats not. Basically 40 years or older is vintage, 30 or less is "retro". Or something like that. Looking forward to more vintage stuff!

  9. Very interesting, the glob is a very important instrument not just for now geography, in the history were essential for the wars!
    Follow u now, we could follow each other :)
    If u can, visit:
    See ya!

  10. That is a very, very neat globe. And I agree about the maps-and-globes-being interesting thing- in calculus where I sit, there's a map right in front of me. Consequently, I spend most of my time trying to order the countries in terms of geographic size after we finish with notes... :P


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