Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aunt Tinny has a point / a Ron Swanson joke!! Ha ha ha!!

"Happy Holidays" because my mom pointed out that it's Passover too, not just Easter! That's just my typical religious oblivion on display.
 I don't know why. Just enjoy it. Just enjoy it.

Anyways, during Easter dinner, my great aunt Tinny started talking about celebrities. As an avid watcher of daytime TV (her words not mine), she complained that she hates how every celebrity talks about how they  "had an abusive father, used to be a drug addict, had family problems, yada yada, come on, didn't ANY of them have a happy childhood?!"

She has a point. It seems like so many famous people had a deep dark past and "rose above it" to become the successful people they are today. But Aunt Tinny doesn't buy a word of it. "Like we're supposed to believe that," she said repeatedly.

The question is, is having a deep dark past a publicity tactic or are celebrities genuine in their histories?

 Now I have a Ron Swanson joke for you! Look at me, catching on to Internet culture!

Okay, here it is: Look at the above picture: the plate on the left, is that Ron Swanson's plate or my little brother's plate? Ha ha ha, hardy har har, funny funny funny, I'm so funny! Put this on the Tumblr LOL page you guys!
What do you guys think? Is having a deep dark past a publicity tactic or truthful? Did you have a good holiday? 
RANDOM QUESTION: what's your favorite holiday food? Like Easter chocolate or your grandma's pie, etc. 


  1. I have no idea who Ron Swanson is, please enlighten me!
    Also, I think that there's enough regular people that have sordid histories, and it's unfortunate that nobody shines a light on those. As a whole that makes celebrities with a bad past pretty believable. However, I'm sure there's the famous ones out there that had perfectly fine childhood years, but nobody is talking about those because that's boring and not socially aware.
    My Easter break so far has been fine, but a tad lazy. From Easter Monday onwards it's all about studying economics for my final exam.
    And generally, whatever my Mom cooked up for Easter was lovely. This year, as I am at college, I've lived off popcorn, semolina pudding and self-made potato wedges. Kinda missing the critical greens and meat, but since shops are closed I couldn't supplement my diet like I wanted to. Oh well. Next Easter hopefully I'll have a home-cooked meal, regardless of my location.

  2. I LOVE IT, my dad is also Ron Swanson hahaha too cute and I missed you little miss

  3. I think a lot of it is publicity stunts! :/

    I love the dancing egg :)

    I don't get the Ron Swanson joke...? :(

    My favourite Easter food is CHOCOLATE!!!!! Can you believe I used to HATE chocolate??? I know, right??? Therefore I wasn't mad about Easter, but now I am :D

  4. That's a really good point... I guess some of them are true but I bet a lot of celebrities just say that to get attention. :/

  5. I don't know-- I think a lot of people come from dark backgrounds, but celebrities are just vocal and open enough to talk about it. Their lives are already on display anyway. I think it depends on who you're surrounded by I guess, because a large percentage of people I know come from some sort of troubled background, so it's not far-out to think maybe a lot of celebrities do too.


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