Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! Salve! Halo! Përshëndetje! Hallo! Tere! Helo! Sveiki! Hei! Hej! Zdravo! Cześć!

Welcome to my blog, The Girl in the Purple Pants! It's written by me, Jen, and, uh, yeah. I don't know where that sentence was going. 

This blog is about things I think are important, from human rights to hipster hate. I try to post often (emphasis on "try"). But if I don't post, assume it's because I'm doing something really awesome, like going to an Oscar after party or saving the queen of England from bad guys like the Green Goblin, or Voldemort. 

I started this blog in December 2009 when I was a wee seventh grader. And look how far I've come! 1 and a half years and not 100 followers! Yippee! 

So about me: I'm a newly minted high school freshman. I live in Connecticut, USA with my family and my awesomesauce dogs, Lucky and Samantha. 

Below, if you have the patience for a sentimental waterfall written by a tweenager, you can read my old about this blog page. If not, you can just read some blog posts. Or if you're totally repulsed by some random girl's ramblings, you can just hit the red X at the top of this bubble and never have to hear my cyber voice again. Ever. Ever ever ever. Ever. 

So, talk ta ya l8ter, alligators!


The Girl in the Purple Pants: Middle School is not really a "themed blog." Well, then again, if you call middle school a "theme" than BAM that's what this blog is.

More likely, this blog is about a middle school life and the truth about middle school. There are the stereotypes: Middle School SUCKS, Middle School ROCKS, and Middle School doesn't count. And I guess, this blog is here to shed some much needed light on to each one.

So about me: My name is Jen, I'm in seventh grade, and I love to write. I have extensive dreams. I want to travel. And I'm in middle school.

I really want to connect with you readers out there. I used to think that I was the only person in the world with these problems, and that I was a loser because of it. But because of the nature and mind-set of middle school, sometimes I still feel that way. That's what this here blog is for. Well, it's here for more reasons, but that's not the point.

My Internet History:

  1. Fourth Grade. Playing Webkins.
  2. Fifth Grade. Playing Club Penguin.
  3. Sixth Grade. AIM.
  4. The begining of seventh grade. Discovering Facebook...
....Until I found myelf on Blogger.com with help from my theatre teacher. For class, we had to write journal entries every week. Once Mr. A (my teacher) announced our last entry, I was the only one not cheering.

Suddenly, and with some inspiration from Teen Vogue, I was on Blogger.com and I was making a blog. I told Mr. A my idea before hand and he said go for it, so I had some courage...

Then my brain child was born. The Girl in the Purple Pants: Middle School looked pretty ugly and boring when I first started last December. (Bad, bad color scheme.) But I think it's evolved ever since. I was published in a newspaper, my friends started to read it, I got comments...

...Which leads us to where we are now. I had always found it funny and peculiar when trying to imagine what people were thinking a couple decades ago. Like that they couldn't think of what would happen next. It didn't feel like history, because they were living. And one day this will be history, my history, and perhaps it will be over. (Well, I won't be in middle school forever!) But I like to think that stories have lives of their own, and they only end when people stop caring.

Middle school is a story. There will always be somebody in middle school, somebody going through the same thing. Middle school is eternal no matter which way you look at it.

Okay then, moving away from the mushy stuff...

So if anybody out there relates to what I'm saying, feel free to comment about it or shoot me an email. (I don't care how long comments or emails are-- the longer the better!) Middle school isn't just my story, it's everybody's story.

And oh yeah, this blog isn't just for middle schoolers. It's for everybody: Future middle schoolers, current middle schoolers, past middle schoolers,  home schoolers... or just anybody looking for a "good read."