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This blog is for EVEREEEEBODEEEEE so I love having guest-bloggers! You can submit a post about anything that YOU think would fit the realms of teenagerdom. I'm talkin' 'bout food, health, pop culture, school, fashion (street style in paticular), family, holidays, friend-issues, babysitting, favorite teeny bopper TV shows, you name it, I'll post it (unless it's inappropriate, but you can be the judge of that. And if you're a bad judge, it's not going up). If you want to support your art or writing or etc, this place is open to you! You can email me your guest posts at

Some info on guest-blogging here:

  • If you don't copy and paste the post into the email (which also works fine), you need to send it in a RTF format or any other format that works on Word 2007. You can also send it to me as a Google Doc.
  • If you do send it as something that goes on Word (this part is key) the pictures need to be in the email and not the document. You can leave a little space in the document saying where you want the picture to go. It needs to be in the email so I can put it into Blogger, because with the new Blogger there's no way to put pictures into a post if they aren't saved on your computer or have a URL. You can't save pictures to your computer if they're in a Word document.
  • I'll put the post up 1-4 days after you send it to me, unless I say otherwise.
  • Also, maybe there's some legal jargon with all of this, but the post belongs 100% to you. I don't use any of it except what you gave me to post.


My email is You can email me about anything! (my gmail got all wonky, I can't send mail anymore)